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Will Microsoft Buy BlackBerry?

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If you follow technology news closely, you have probably heard reports that a bunch of companies are interested in buying BlackBerry. Just so you know, BlackBerry has not put itself up for sale but with reports saying that the company’s profits for last quarter have exceeded expectation, am not surprised a few companies are interested in it.

Some of the companies that have an interest in BlackBerry include Microsoft, Xiaomi, Huawei, and Lenovo. This is according to DigiTimes who have gone ahead to claim that Microsoft has requested investment companies to evaluate a potential acquisition deal.

Will The Acquisition Happen?

So question is will the acquisition happen? Unfortunately I cannot answer that at this point. Even with the reports, no one (from Microsoft or BlackBerry) has said anything about this. Microsoft may be interested in BlackBerry but it is still early to say if the acquisition may happen. Only time will tell.

Does The Acquisition Make Sense?

Sort of. Microsoft may acquire BlackBerry for some patents the company has and/or to strengthen its mobile division. As for BlackBerry, the acquisition may give it a boost given the fact that Microsoft is not a small player in this industry. Both companies stand to gain from each other.

As for the other manufacturers interested in BlackBerry, they will probably go for the patents and BlackBerry’s technology. They might use BlackBerry to expand their presence to the west (US and Europe) where they are not as big as they are in China.

Keep it here to be informed of any developments on this issue.

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