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HelloFood Adapts Automated Technology to Ensure Faster Food Delivery


According to a recent article carried out by Forbes, food delivery startups should really be called restaurants simply because the only difference between online food delivery and the actual restaurants is that online operates, well – online. But everything else might as well be the same and customers who are not conversant with the online food delivery may not know the difference.

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In some cases hungry customers often call Hellofood to find out what’s on the menu. The natural assumption is that Hellofood is an actual restaurant and all we have to do is read out our specials for the day and customers can decide what they’ll partake of.

Aside from the fact that Hellofood does not have a kitchen nor do we operate from a restaurant, we have systems in place that connect us to the restaurant kitchen, back to us and finally to the customer. It may seem like a redundant process but the end result is far more beneficial to the end user, the customer.

Many may consider ordering their meal directly to the restaurant a faster process, but we have all experienced a time or two where the person on the other end of the line doesn’t always get your order correctly and sometimes it can even get lost with other orders that are placed by walk-in customers. However through an automated process, when a customer places their order online using their desktop or the mobile app the order is transmitted directly to the restaurant as the customer has placed it, leaving very little room for misinterpretation or error.

A second advantage for the customer is, whereas an average order placement to the restaurant directly can take up to 10 minutes, an order through our automated system takes less than a minute to get through to the restaurant.

The automated system operates using either Wi-Fi or sim cards and the machine is in the actual restaurant. So once an order is placed the process isn’t interrupted during slow internet systems or power cuts as is commonly experienced every now and then even in the very best IT departments. The automated system is carefully monitored by the customer service team who act as ‘human backup’ that oversee the entire process.

This advanced technology of the automated system not only ensures that a customer’s order is correctly transmitted to the restaurant but leaves the restaurant to focus on the delivering quality food while the online food delivery focuses on providing the customer with a good experience and timely food delivery .

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