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Samsung Galaxy S6 2

Every year, the most popular brands are saddled with releasing their flagship devices, which get people talking. Everyone is usually banking on when they can get their hands on the newest devices and if you cannot afford them, aspirations are high to purchase in the nearest future and while one is saving to buy the newest device in the market another one from another brand is released, then the question “which should I buy” is constantly nagging at the back of your mind. Usually the competition is between the top brands and other ones are just great features of uncertainty but that being said a lot of brands are really passing the mark and setting the bar high for house hold brands by creating competition and rivalry amongst these devices.


Which makes it even harder to be aware of the best product to go for, usually the most popular names would get the vote but given the fact that other names and features are giving those popular brands a run for their money, people are a lot less biased and open minded to other options. Here are the top devices that are making people indecisive in 2015.

Iphone 6 and Iphone 6 plus


This device that was released in September Last year sent people really insane as even before its release in Kenya a long list of people had already bought it. The wait for the phone was massive and uncontrollable not to mention the talk about design drastically made by Apple breaking away from their usual petite and portable outlook. It was sure filled with mixed feelings yet a lot of people were still purchasing simply because it is Apple! The newest introduction that will be made in September this year can only top the buzz based on the introduction of the IOS 9. It is indeed hard to keep up.

Samsung Galaxy s6 and S6 Edge

The Samsung Duo that is open for sale on the 10th of April is one device that has gained massive discussion. A lot of people are impressed by the change of the outlook, the Samsung Galaxy S6 EDGE with its curved screen edges on both sides and the Samsung S6 with its metal and glass not to mention the action packed features that has people gushing and just waiting to lay their hands on the phones.


HTC One M9

HTC One M9

Although it is yet to be released this phone already has people making down payments and preordering. The HTC M8 was one of those phones that you cannot get over giving the M9 big shoes to fit into. The one-piece fascia is complemented beautifully by the two tone metallic rim Although they ditched the two tone appeal, the phone promises to be one to wait for.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

The S series might be amazing, but the Note series are indeed constantly impressive, there is always something new brought to the table. The Note 4 was captivating in a lot of ways, but the Note 5 promises to be even more amazing. Although that will not be confirmed till its release in September but it sure is worth the wait.

These are just some of the devices available, the others include Sony Z4 due to be released, LG G3 AND If you are going for budget phones, the Infinix hot Note and even the Nexus 6. With these great phones constantly released, how can one keep up?

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