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Google: Android Lollipop Accounts for Only 5.4% of All Android Devices Currently On the Market


At the beginning of every month, Google releases its latest Android distribution numbers to show us which Android versions are popular and which aren’t. The latest figures were collected for the first seven days of this month and are based on the devices that visited the Google Play Store.

The figures show that Android 5.0 Lollipop has seen a slight growth from 3.3% in March to 5.4% this month (April). This is quite impressive given that Android Lollipop has only been around for five months. The growth can be attributed to most manufacturers (Samsung and HTC) shipping all their flagship devices with this new version. This figure will grow in the next few months as LG, Sony and other manufacturers unveil their flagships. Android 5.1 has even made it to the list with 0.4% market share.

Anadroid Distrinution Numbers For April

Anadroid Distrinution Numbers For April

KitKat is still quite popular and currently controls 41.4% which is an increase of 0.5% from last month. The main reason for this is that a huge number of manufacturers are still shipping their devices with this version. On the other hand, other manufacturers are updating their devices from Jelly Bean to KitKat. This leaves Jelly Bean with only 40.7% markets share which is still huge.

Gingerbread is also quite popular and currently installed in 6.4% of all Android devices. This is higher than Ice Cream Sandwich that has 5.7% market share.

Surprising enough, Froyo is still in the mix and currently sees 0.4% market share. This version is still compatible with the current play store app.

Which version are you using? And which one are you planning to upgrade to?

Source [Google]

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