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Only 6% of iPhone 6 Owners are Using Apple Pay

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Apple pay is one of the revolutionary products Apple has come up with recently that got people excited. Since its launch Apple pay has not seen the growth that was anticipated. According to a recent survey, only 6% of all iPhone 6 owners are using Apple pay.

The survey pointed out that over 85% of iPhone 6 users have never even tried using Apple pay. 9% of the iPhone 6 users who took part in the survey say that they are experimenting with it. Most of the users in the 9% bracket say that they have either forgotten how to use it or did not know where it is accepted.

As you can see from the reasons mentioned above, Apple pay is not necessarily a bad product but it’s just not that popular because of customer unawareness. Apple has to invest in educating its users on how Apple pay works and increase the number of merchants who accept it if it is to be popular.

As for the 85% who are not using it, well, this can be challenging but if consumers understand what it is and how it works, I don’t see any reason why it should not pick up.

Apple pay is currently not available in Kenya and there is still no news as to when it will be available.


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