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Take Part In the OLX #Selltobless Campaign and Bless A Needy Child This Easter


Early this year, OLX partnered with some artists in Kenya to launch a campaign dubbed, Sell-to-Bless. The campaign started on 16th March and will run through to 6th April, 2015. This campaign will see people sell their stuff on OLX and use the obtained cash to buy food stuffs at any Tuskys Supermarket and donate them to need children.

For a big company such as OLX to have such a campaign shows us that it is committed to doing good and not just make profits. If you want to be part of the campaign, below are the simple steps you should follow.

Choose the Items You Want To Sell

The first thing you will need to do is pick the items you want to sell. These could be mobile phones, TV sets, tablets or any other things you no longer use in your house. You can decide to sell just one item or you can sell a whole bunch of them, it’s all up to you. An advice I would give you is to pick items that can sell really fast, these include those with low prices or those which you can offer at extremely low prices compared to what others on the market are offering.

Sell the Items

With the items you want to sell sorted, you will need to head over to OLX’s website and put them up for sale. Make sure the items are well described and are accompanied with very clear images if they are to sell fast.

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Make sure you also sell them at a reasonable price so as to attract more buyers. A reasonable price here means they should not be too overpriced compared to what other sellers on OLX are offering.

Buy Dry Food Stuff of Vouchers

With the money you get, head over to any Tuskys supermarket branch and buy any dry foodstuffs or a voucher. The emphasis here is on dry foodstuffs as they tend to last longer as the campaign will run for about three weeks. If you are not sure what dry foods to get, you can just buy a shopping voucher.

sell to bless

The sell to bless website

The dry foodstuffs and vouchers will be dropped off at Tuskys supermarkets for the campaign organizers to collect and send them to the less fortunate over the Easter period.

Share with Friends

After all this, you have a chance to share what you have done with your friends. You will have a chance to upload a photo of yourself through the sell to bless website ) indicating what you sold. You will then share the photo with your friends. This will encourage them to participate in the campaign too.

About the Campaign

The OLX sell to bless campaign is headed by Jackson Kamau aka DJ Soxxy who said this, “It is more rewarding to bless a child with what they need than what they don’t need. In the past, people have donated a lot of unnecessary stuff to needy homes just because they want to clear the clutter in their homes. That is why we came up with the idea to sell the stuff to someone who needs it more through OLX and use the money to buy dry food stuff to needy children’s homes”.

This campaign is organized by a number of artists who are out to share God’s love with the less fortunate in the society. Some of the artists in the Sell to Bless Campaign are Citizen TV’s Willis Raburu, Abel Mutua of Hapa Kule, Njugush of real househelps of kawangware, Dk Kwenye beat, Size 8, Willy Paul, Bahati, Djs Mo, Johnie Celeb, Sanch, Krowbar, Touch, Soxxy, Gee gee, Njugush, Kambua and many others.

So, will you be participating in the campaign? I know I will. Let’s all join hands in this campaign to make someone’s Easter memorable.

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