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Five Things You Need To Know About the Apple Watch

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Yesterday, Apple introduced its first Smartwatch to the world. The ‘Apple Watch’ as it is called will be available as from next month in select markets around the world. Unfortunately, Kenya is not among the first markets to get Apple Watch. I expect Apple watch to be available in Kenya as from June or July this year, it may be sooner or later. Before we get excited about Apple watch, there are five things we need to know about them.

18-Hour Batter Life

The Apple watch battery will last for 18 hours on a single charge. Depending on how you feel about this, it can be a good or a bad thing. But at least it can last you throughout the day (12 hours) as you get some work done and you will still be able to get home with some power remaining. I believe Apple could have done more but will let that pass given its their first Smartwatch.

Apple watch battery

Customizable Watch Faces

The face of the Apple Watch is customizable with different colours and details view.  With this watch, you can decide what widgets will show up and ensures it matches your personality. With the Apple watch, you will be able to pick a theme that works for you.

Can Make Phone Calls

The Apple watch has an in built speaker and microphone. With these, you will be able to make and receive phone calls directly from your watch. Using your watch to make and receive phone calls will definitely drain your battery further. Making and receiving phone calls using your Smartwatch may come in handy in some situations (eg jogging) so it’s not a useless feature.

It’s a Fitness Tracker

Apple watch fitness tracker

Apple knows that keeping fit is a must. The Apple watch has built in fitness trackers similar to the ones you find on the FitBit. The watch is able to track your movements and exercises and deliver weekly fitness reports. You will also be getting suggestions on how to improve your fitness.

Non-Intrusive Notifications

The Apple watch will be able to deliver notifications from your iPhone in non intrusive ways. In this way, no one else but you will know when a notification arrives. With messages notifications, you will be able to swipe to read and respond.

Those are the five main things you ought to know about the Apple watch. You also need to know that the Apple watch will be water resistant, will allow you to share you location, will have a solar face that allows you to see the watch under direct sunlight and will only support iOS devices.

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