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[Updated] LG May Sue Qualcomm If It Offers Samsung A Different Snapdragon 810 Processor

Samsung is currently not happy with the Snapdragon 810 processor. Samsung claims that the Snapdragon 810 processor has a number of issues including CPU throttling and overheating. Qualcomm has of course denied this but with the Galaxy S6 around the corner, the company is really worried. This is because Samsung is believed to be ditching Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 for its own Exynos processors because of these problems

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Ditching the Snapdragon 810 is very disturbing for Qualcomm and that is why the company may be providing Samsung with a special Snapdragon 810 variant that does not overheat. This has not been proved but will be the only sure way to keep Samsung in the Snapdragon family.

LG is of course not happy with this and the company may even sue Qualcomm if it goes ahead with the plan. LG is feeling sidelined and has even indicated that the Snapdragon 810 has no CPU throttling or overheating issue. LG is keen on protecting the reputation of the Snapdragon 810 because its new Smartphone, the LG G Flex 2, uses this processor.

LG feels like if Qualcomm provides Samsung with a new version of the processor, this will be proof that the processor has the issues Samsung claims. This will negatively affect the sales of the LG G Flex 2. The G Flex 2 is the first Smartphone using this processor.

LG has denied thee claims saying,

“Rumors regarding LG taking legal action against Qualcomm are unfounded and a complete fabrication of the facts. Given the source of this rumor, we’re surprised it’s being taken seriously at all.”

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