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Top Basic Pc Maintainance Tricks

computer maintenance

A slow gadget or computer could frustrating especially  if you have tremendous loads of assignments for a student to work on a day before the presentation,huge piles of office work,or when browsing downloading files from the Internet.The slow machine makes you fill at times angry and depressed when it shuts down or hangs on a single window to resume 30 minutes later.However most PC users blame the Computer may be its specs;a small Ram Memory,Slow Processor speed prompting a purchase act for a newer machine before it breaks down like the first one.

Some of the users activities and usage habits might actually be chocking up the machine and pushing it to the wall such that it reduces it effectiveness and performance.Check out this simple basic Pcs tricks that are actually applicable to other gadgets like tablets and smart phones.

1.Maintain and regularly update the Anti virus software.

This is vital for ensuring the computer is up to date against emerging and existing malware and virus software  in the computer.In case the Antivirus software isn’t genuine and your not sure of updating the antivirus,Microsoft provides a free Microsoft essentials Antivirus for both 32 bit and 64 bit architecture.Avast too has a full 1 year free virus protection before the user starts actual payments later on.

2.Clear Browser History  and Cache

This step of maintenance is recommended at least once every month of the year. To clear the cache (memory) in your Internet browser(s). We recommend clearing it more often if you are a frequent Internet user. This reduces the amount of hard disk space your cookies and temporary Internet files use.  Follow these steps to clear the cache in your browser(s).

  1. Open your browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc…).
  2. Press Ctrl+Shift+Delete.  This will open the cache settings window for your browser.
  3. Carefully review the options presented and select the settings you wish to clear.
    Note:  In Internet Explorer, make sure to uncheck “Preserve Favorites website data”.
  4. After clearing the cache, close all browser windows to ensure that the changes take effect.
  5. Repeat these steps for other browsers as needed

3.Installing operating System Updates

This process ensures the operating system of the computer is well integrated and  up to date to ensure the software resources work smoothly with the hardware components.Now this might be a hindrance as a larger share of the operating systems on most Pcs are corrupt and and fake.However the Os developers release regular updates and check on loopholes for inefficiencies and performance.It is also important to install the latest operating system updates, as recommended by the developer of your operating system.

Windows users can install critical updates by opening Internet Explorer and then choosing Tools and Windows Update from the menu. Although Macintosh computers are less susceptible to viruses, their operating systems should also be updated regularly. Macintosh users can install updates by clicking on the Apple menu and choosing Software Update.

4.Dealing With Liquids.

Do one thing at a time,avoid taking that cup of Coffee or tea with tour pc or computer nearby ,a small mistake could ruin and turn your Pc into scarp at a snap.If you spill liquid on the keyboard, quickly shut down the computer and disconnect the keyboard and turn it upside down to allow the liquid to drain.If the liquid is sticky, you will need to hold the keyboard on its side under running water to rinse the sticky liquid away. Then turn the keyboard upside down to drain for two days before reconnecting it. The keyboard may not be repairable at this point, but rinsing the sticky liquid off of it is the only chance for it to be usable again. The best way to avoid this situation is to keep drinks away from the computer area.

5.Clean Your Machine

Am not talking about taking a scrubbing brush a bucket and soap.All you need is to moist cloth and gently wiping the machine surface and keyboard sections removing those sticky food particles,liquid spills and dust.

6.Keep it cool

A chocking machine where the air and fan vets are enclosed and the PC cannot “breathe” make the machine chock up and heat up reducing its performance and effectiveness making it hang continuously and consistently.Various cooling pads are sold at computer stores as well as cooling fans that are installed into the computer.You might also try shutting down the Computer for sometime or placing at a flat surface to keep well ventilated.

7.Back up Your Files

This reduces the storage of files and data in the computer reducing the load start time of the computer.It also acts  as a contingency plan in case of the machine failure and break down during liquid spills,falls or general software and hardware problems.There are basically two methods of saving or backing up your stuff;either using an external hard drive or online backing services which is expensive due to uploading and downloading data bundle costs.

8.Go For a standard Ram and CPU Processor.

The least best workable basic Ram size is a 2GB Ram,and at least a Dual core 2Ghz processor.Obviously this specs are for students and office workers with light weight tasks.For heavy work loads by Designers,Engineers,Dj’s,or Engineers much faster CPU’s and Bigger Ram size is recommended.At least 6GB Ram and a Core i5 Pc Spec could come handy.

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