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Facebook Has a Solution To Drunken Posts

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A night out with your crew or friends and few beer bottles or that Expensive Vodka tot could change your life in a snap the following morning when you snap out of your slumber and black out to realize you posted abusive,insulting ,or personal stuff on Facebook when you were not fully aware of what you were doing.Most individuals and Facebook users have heard to deal with this menace and problem after they wake to realize they said nasty things online and end up regretting the whole of their lives and days.Obviously such words have massive consequences such as law suits, breaks ups in relationships and other complicated problems and issues.

However goodness to beer lovers and drunkards,you might as well pop that champagne and ask for another round of tequila as Facebook seems to be wanting to clean up your mess.Now that’s being loyal to its customers and users,as Facebook gave a media conference it was working tirelessly on ways to face out drunken posts posted by “Facebookers” even if the post image was  posted with your own two hands with your own account.

Facebook is working on software that could prevent users posting unflattering photos of themselves.Combining image recognition and artificial intelligence, the system would be able to distinguish between drunk and sober pictures.It would ask: “Are you sure you want your boss and your mother to see this?”The plan was revealed by the head of Facebook’s artificial intelligence research lab.

The Wired magazine a popular tech blog quotes Yan Leccun,”I want to build a personal Facebook digital assistant.In the future, this assistant might also be able to help identify when someone else has uploaded a picture of a user without permission, he said.

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