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Top 5 Study Apps For Students

Student Studying

Most students and learners worst nightmare is an exam,or may be a maths or Physics test that tries to assess how much students have understood on a particular topic or area. However learning shouldn’t always be a boring or stressful adventure and students could adopt various techniques and ways to make learning enjoyable and fun.

Thanks to new tech trends and development of apps,software and eBooks that assignment could be done within few minutes unlike before where students had to physically read books or purchase them.However most experts have given arguments that the existence of the Internet in away is slowly making students kinda lazy and over dependent on the web for school work or home work,in short they argue the reading culture unlike before is slowly creeping out.

Despite the drawbacks,the Internet has equally benefited students and contributed to better grades since learners may view use of for example E books preferable to reading that old big Chemistry textbook.Various Software and Apps are coming to ensure every student gets that A.Check them out:

1.Photo Math

PhotoMath on a Windows Phone

This app Specifically helps students in any math problem that exists on this planet.It simply uses your smartphone’s camera to scan math equations and not only solve them, but show the steps involved. Officially, it’s meant to save you time flipping through a textbook to check answers when you’re doing homework or cramming for a test. However, there’s a concern that this could trivialize learning — just because it shows you how to solve a problem doesn’t mean that the knowledge will actually sink in. And if teachers don’t confiscate smartphones at the door, unscrupulous students could cheat when no one is looking.

2.Oxford Dictionary App

This app contains millions of words on the English world.Any definition meaning,pronunciation is at a snap and immediate.It even has Audio support for pronunciation  help.With this app that essay or composition or even an article is good to go and fast.

3.Maths Alarm Clock

There’s no perfect reason why most students have had attributed the difficulty of studying with Maths or Science subjects.Being frank and based on my Opinion Maths is kinda the most hated subject in the learning curriculum followed closely by sciences such as Physics and Chemistry.However the maths alarm clock sets to change all that and give students better attitudes towards maths and sciences.Its a tool for self-control. This time, however, for your dreams! If you are a student who suffers from continuously hitting the snooze button in the morning, then this is the app for you. The maths alarm Clock makes you solve a simple math problem in order to turn your alarm off.Having to solve a math problem in the morning gets your brain working quicker. This puts you in a better position when it comes to learning throughout the day

4.Droid Scan

The Droid Scan app turns your mobile device into a portable document scanner. You can scan anything from the page of a book to notes on a whiteboard and turn that into a PDF you can take with you. The app uses perspective correction to create a perfectly shaped, professional looking document. Its ultra-high resolution scan preserves most of the pixels in the original photos even after you convert it. Images can be stored in Drop box or Google Drive, or emailed to yourself, etc. for easy access before an exam.

5.Exam Count Down App

A test will never sneak up on you again! Exam Countdown allows you to track your exams by storing key dates in one place. You can add a “to-do” list of items that must be completed prior to the exam and read and share test taking tips from other students. All you need to remember is to download this app.


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