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Supposed Lumia 1020 successor photos leaked

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For a long time now, Windows Phone enthusiasts and camera lovers have looked forward to the successor for the Nokia Lumia 1020. The phone that came out in early 2013 shocked many with its monster 41MP camera. This was virtually unheard of, (except for those who keep tabs and know that Nokia had initially developed the 808 PureView with the same sensor).

The Lumia 1020 has been a powerful camera phone with unmatched capabilities. However, it has always been flawed by a relatively poor OS in the name of Windows Phone, and while the OS has improved, the changes have not really been easy to note on the Lumia 1020 as it is among the devices that got plagued with the freeze bug following updates to Windows Phone 8.1.

Well, enough of that background on the Lumia 1020, photos have leaked online on what is expected to be the successor to the Lumia 1020. The name is not yet confirmed as the device is still in the developmental stage, though speculation is rife that it could be referred to as the Lumia 1030. However, it is currently referred to as the NokiaRM-1052, and this naming system in the development stage is also thought to mean two things: either the device will be referred to as a Lumia 1050, or it will feature a 50+ rear camera.

This is not a tall order given what we have come to expect from Nokia…or Microsoft in this case. The main reason for this is the extra-large camera module at the back of the device, and the design similarities similar to the Lumia 1030.

Additionally, the device is expected to have a metal body in addition to a plastic band at the bottom most likely to facilitate better antenna or radio performance. It is also expected to have 2GB RAM, a 5-inch screen (1080p), a quad core processor, and around 32GB internal storage. This will most likely be one of the phones slated for release early next year, and until then, we can’t wait to have full disclosure on its exact specs and capabilities. Below are some of the photos:


[image_slider link=”” source=””] Lumia 1050[/image_slider]
[image_slider link=”” source=””] Lumia 1050 close up [/image_slider]
[image_slider link=”” source=””] Lumia 1050 top view [/image_slider]

[image_slider link=”” source=””] Lumia 1050 side view[/image_slider]

[image_slider link=”” source=””] Lumia 1050- The Back cover [/image_slider]


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