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Android 5.0 Lollipop Hinders Storage Performance By 80%

2014 11 22 image 3

Android Lovers  recently have been on verbal wars with Windows Phone users on which of the two Os systems is the best and best performing.Despite the fact Android users have kinda have had an upper hand and won most of these arguments,using various factors and reasons such a  flexible Store with million of free apps,Windows phone users too had their own reasons on why they preferred a Windows Os phone.Some of the reasons included professional and unique look and stability of the Os.

However if the rumors making rounds on the internet are true,Windows phone users have more one reason to keep holding on to their gadgets.The Android 5.0 Lollipop according to a deeper and critical analysis by experts has been found to hamper storage performance by a stunning 80%,compared to previous Android Os versions such as Ice cream Sand which,Jelly bean and the recent Kit kat version.

The image above clearly shows the Google nexus 6 storage performance tests under different Android Os Operating systems.

AnandTech  research Company also did further tests on the Android 5.0 and discovered not only did it hinder the storage performance but also hampered read write capabilities and performance.Android 5.0 came to many as a promising Os that set to revolutionize the Android platform.We need not forget despite the mentioned hitch back mentioned,Android Lollipop includes a bevy of new features and enhancements such as the Kill switch,the first Os that allowed full Disk encryption on new devices among other promising features from Google.

Android lovers better hope for the Google team Os developers to come up with a remedy to solve the storage hamper menace sooner than later.

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