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Top 5 Android Apps worth checking out.

Top 5 Friday

Well, summing app Android Apps into a top 5 is something akin to asking Android and iOS fan boys to settle their differences peacefully and accept that each platform has its own pros and cons. It is basically a tall order as it is highly subjective. Therefore, the list below can be viewed as my personal list of top 5, but again, it is based on pure functionality and the utility of the said apps. PS: The order is just random, and not it is not necessarily a descending or ascending order.

  1. LastPass.

This app does a clean and easy job of just managing your passwords and ensuring you do not have to keep updating or resetting your passwords. It basically stores all your app and website passwords and uses them to log you in whenever want to log in. come to think of it, there is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Gmail accounts, just to name but a few. It is increasingly difficult to remember all these passwords unless you are using only one, which is a serious security risk. As much as LastPass helps out, it comes at a cost of about $12 per year.

  1. Dropbox.

This app implements cloud storage more than any other. There are various ways of adding your storage capacity without having to pay the minimal prices. What separates it from the rest is its ease of use and the fact that it is free on Google Play. For those who are yet to try it out, please download it to have the most efficient cloud implementation experience.

  1. Zedge

Zedge is all about beautifying your phone or tablet and making it always standout from the rest. Like Dropbox, it is also free on Google Play. It comes bundled with a couple of wallpapers and ringtones for you to choose from. It makes it on this list due to the fact that the look of a device greatly determines its overall usage as it gives you the motivation to access the other apps installed on the device.

  1. WhatsApp.

Surely this must be on any smartphone, as it even sounds ridiculous to have a smartphone without WhatsApp on it. WhatsApp does not need any detailed explanation, as it is basically a messaging device that enables for communication of data networks. It has improved functionality such that you can send photos, videos, audio, and take part in group chats more efficiently than on any other platform.

  1. Nova Launcher

This is one of the best launchers out there, if not the very best. It is clean and well-designed without sacrificing on the load of customizations that make it stand out above the rest. It also has theme support in addition to integrating the “Okay Google” hot expression that brings up Google Now. It is the most potent launcher for those who are unable to get stock Android and don’t feel at home with their stock launcher.

As already noted before, this list can never be sufficient due to the subjective nature of most of these apps. Nonetheless, it is a representation of some of the best Android apps that are currently available.

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