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Google discloses Contributor; service for tackling ads.

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Google seems to be determined to reduce the impact of ads on its sites and other online services. It started by announcing that it would develop a service that would ensure all those YouTube ads are removed at a fee such that users get an ad-free service at the expense of paying certain fees at given intervals. Now it has moved to websites such that sites can decide to do away with Google-sourced ads if users decide to pay fees ranging from $1 to $3 monthly in support of the participating websites.

The service, dubbed Contributor, is still in the early stages and is to be structured such that interested websites will have to sign up and their webpages will be excluded from the ads. Instead of the ads, there will be thank you messages to appreciate the gesture. In return, revenue will be generated solely from the contributions or donations that visitors of participating websites donate to monthly. The basic process of making use of Contributor is to choose a monthly contribution between $1, $2, and $3. The user then visits the participating sites and selects that which he or she fancies. Thereafter, the user donates the monthly donation chosen at the first stage.

As much as Google has always used ads to generate revenue for publishers and itself, ads have always proved not to be so popular with users, and this has necessitated the need to reduce or remove them altogether. This is the reasoning behind such services, and it is possible that quite a number of people will embrace and use these services extensively.

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