Samsung To Cut down on Number Smartphone Models


The Giant smart phone developer has been on the verge of tremendous losses and a downward profit curve after the launch of the I phone 6 and 6 Plus.The company has just released some rather heart breaking news to Samsung lovers as the Company said it would reduce the number of Smartphones it released and actually made by 30%.In 2014 alone the Company has released 52 unique smart phone models,with the recently launched Galaxy Note and Samsung Galaxy S5 being one of the trending.

Experts and officials from Samsung said that the move by the company though seeming to be suicidal or risky might be a financial life saver to the Korean tech giant.Robert Yi, Samsung’s head of investor relations, recently told analysts that the company would trim the number of phones it makes by as much as 30%.

Samsung has released 52 unique smartphones in 2014 alone. By contrast, HTC brought 23 new phones to market, Nokia unveiled 20, Motorola released 10 handsets and Apple unveiled two.The plan for flooding the market with a wide range of smart phones is clearly not working as the the Company profits slummed down by 60% in the last quarter.Even the much anticipated Galaxy Note 4 was clearly not a match to the I phone 6 and 6 plus variants,despite the #bendgate menace and IOS 8 glitches on Apple products.

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