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Samsung announces a new Advanced S Pen.

S Pen

When the Galaxy Note 4 was released a couple of weeks back, it had the most advanced stylus of the Note series (obviously). But it was not just advanced, its level of pressure sensitivity was rated as 2048, which is twice that of the Galaxy Note 3. In addition, the stylus was given improved functionality to make it even more effective at the numerous functionalities delegated to it. Cutting out text, selecting, sketching, drawing and even taking notes were improved quite much. Nonetheless, this did not stop the ever busy Samsung from announcing an even advanced stylus for both the Galaxy Note 4, and the Galaxy Note Edge.

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Being advanced means that the new S Pen has better capabilities, among which is the ability to recognize the speed of moving the pen, and other subtle movements such as tilting it at certain angles. Moreover, rotating the Pen has now been enabled to have its own functionality. In addition, the writing ability has been improved to ensure that your handwriting is more accurate and realistic. While the current S Pen is in itself quite good at ensuring that the device recognizes handwriting, the Advanced S Pen is expected to improve this feature even further.

Samsung also promised to release an SDK to enable developers integrate S Pen functionality into new or existing apps. This is expected to open the gates of innovation and developers will be expected to exploit the capabilities of the Advanced S Pen. Samsung is expected to sell the Advanced S Pen separately, and those with the Note 4 or Note Edge who want better S Pen experience are the sole target. It is not clear why Samsung is releasing a better S Pen so soon after the flagship devices, but Samsung is generally used to releasing something almost every month. What with Samsung Galaxy S6 rumours already starting to float around.

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