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Top 5 reasons to install Cyanogen Mod.

Android is currently the most popular mobile OS, and it has reached the number one spot due to its relatively advanced level of customisation in addition to ease of use. Moreover, it is readily available due to the fact that it is not limited to a few manufacturers as is the case with iOS (Only Apple), Windows Phone (Mainly Microsoft), or BlackBerry OS. As such, Android is provided by more than ten OEMs. Despite its relatively unlimited customization abilities, there is always the need for improvements, and room for some adjustments. This is where Cyanogen Mod comes in. This is an open source OS based on Android, but the fact that it is open source means that there is unlimited capabilities. The relationship between Cyanogen Mod and Android could be likened to that between Windows and Linux based systems in terms of capabilities that result from open sourcing, only that Linux is not based on Windows. Consequently, the following are the top five reasons why you should consider installing Cyanogen Mod on your Android device.

  1. Near Stock Android Experience.

Cyanogen Mod offers the closest stock Android experience, which is often up-to-date. It is much cleaner than what most manufacturers provide. This is particularly due to the significant reduction in bloat ware, leading to a clean and uncluttered OS.

  1. Improved performance.

Due to the reduced bloat as often installed by manufacturers, Cyanogen Mod is usually very fast. The reduction in bloat ware frees up more disk space enabling the system to have more operating space. Overall, Cyanogen Mod is optimized enough to enable even old devices have a decent feel of the most recent Android features without lagging.

  1. Advanced Gestures.

Cyanogen Mod comes with some of the most advanced gestures that you can get on a mobile device. While most modern handsets have some pretty good gestures, Cyanogen Mod still trumps them over. In a device like the OnePlus One, a circular gesture launches the camera, there are gestures for playing/pausing playback, and even turning on the flashlight. Most of these gestures work even when the screen is off.

  1. Advanced profile control

Through Cyanogen Mod, you are able to determine how you want your phone to behave in the various situations you are bound to be in in the course of the day. Instead of fumbling with the settings to ensure your phone doesn’t ring in a meeting, or data connectivity doesn’t drain the battery when it’s not necessary, you can pre-set a bunch of custom profiles to activate conveniently when needed. This just gives you more control over how you are to use your device.

  1. Improved Security.

Cyanogen Mod offers frequent security updates to ensure that your device always has the best and most frequent security updates making devices quite secure. Additionally, most devices that run Cyanogen Mod are quite stable due to the improved security features. In light of the numerous hacks that are turning out to be the norm, everybody needs a more secure platform, as provided by cyanogen Mod.

Despite all these, there are still a lot more advantages associated with installing CM on your device. Most of them can only be realized once an individual has installed CM and become aware of the advantages it has over stock Android.

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