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The Lumia 730 International reviews

Lumia 730 2

The Lumia 730 has been available internationally for a while and its reviews are already out. In Kenya it will be launched officially today but you can still get it from Nokia shops around the country right now. I decided to look at what the international market is saying about the phone and its twin the Lumia 735. The Lumia 730 and 735 are similar phones in terms of specs with very few differences that include dual SIM capability on the Lumia 730 while the Lumia 735 is a single SIM Smartphone.

The Lumia 735 also supports 4G LTE and has wireless charging while the Lumia 730 does not support 4G or wireless charging. I have compiled a small list of the Lumia 730 (735) reviews from some trusted industry veterans.


The design is also appealing. With a minimalist rounded design, Nokia has created a handset that is comfortable in the hand with the lack of buttons and the clear, central ports giving the Lumia 735 a clean feel. The bold colours also make it stand out, and immediately draw the eye.

There is no doubt that the Nokia Lumia 735 will sell to those like me who have wholeheartedly joined the selfie bandwagon, with its 5MP camera able to take the clearest and highest quality snaps.



Nokia tries to capitalize on the selfie craze with the Lumia 730, and we should say it does so nicely as the front cam of the 730 captures good-looking images, and the phone overall is fairly snappy and looks good with that signature pillow-shaped form. With a very affordable price of just €199, it will appeal to budget buyers and despite the fierce competition, it might find a lot of followers.


The 735 (and by extension, the 730) is really a capable, stylish budget smartphone that just happens to take some nice self-portraits. Microsoft Mobile has ironed out many of the kinks from the 720 while simultaneously lowering the price. How can you not like that? To me, the 735 is the real successor to Nokia’s cult favorite, the Lumia 620. It costs a bit more, but it still strikes a fine balance among attractive design, affordability and solid performance.


The phone shapes up to be a great mix of the right ingredients to make a solid Windows Phone mid-range offering.


As a mid-range handset, the Lumia 735 is a very attractive handset. Windows Phone as an operating system really flies on this device’s hardware, and the focus placed on the forward facing camera has created a smartphone that is uniquely marketable. Pixel count isn’t everything, and the rear facing 6.7 megapixel captures some great images.


The Nokia Lumia 735 is a solidly capable Windows smartphone with a good screen, fast processor and a surprisingly high quality camera. It’s good to see there’s a better than usual 5-megapixel snapper on the front for superior selfies too.

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