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5 Reasons Why Windows 8 Phones are Better than Android

windows 8 vs android

I am a proud Windows Nokia Lumia  user.However its quite important to note that  almost all smart phone users have at one time used an Android Os based Smartphone.The use of Android has been on a significant upward curve due to its flexibility ,user friendliness and lots of apps that are actually free on the Google play store.This has made every mobile phone manufacturer scramble for the integration of the Os in their devices,including the “conservative” Nokia.

You might all have realized the chances of actually seeing a Smartphone running Android is over 80%.Cheaper Android phones running even the recent Kitkat version are flooding the market,making the perspective of owing a smartphone that runs on Android a normal thing.Gone are the days when owning an Android smartphone could make you look classy and professional,with as little as K sh 5,000 ,you could own a jelly bean android based Os Smart phone.

Windows Phone is the new thing for those unique individuals,classy top executives  and managers.Its simply the unique looking gadget every mature boss wants to own.Yap even that Samsung Galaxy S5 is seeing increased competition from cheaper models like the Phantom Z,with almost similar design and specs at a lower cost.Check out these 5 amazing features of the windows Phone 8.1 that will make you drop that Android Phone.

1.The Look.

Windows Phone 8.1

Windows 8.1 is arguably the most stylish mobile operating system around and it certainly stands out with its vertically scrolling interface full of Live Tiles, each of which is essentially a miniature widget. It’s colorful and has far less empty spaces like Android. Many Windows Phones apps and the stock ones in particular are also designed to fit with the look of each other and of the interface as a whole. Menus tend to consist of white lettering on black backgrounds and everything has a clean, minimalist look.From even a crowded place, spoting a windows Phone device is so easy and fast due to its uniqueness

2.Live Tiles and Customization

Windows phone lets the user own the Phone,redesign the look,appearance,minimize and resize the tiles.IOS has its icons and folders, Android has its widgets, but Windows Phone’s live tiles beat them both in terms of flexibility and ccustomization options. From the home screen, you can get a smooth, animated overview of your life — photos of your contacts, emails in your inbox, recent shows on iPlayer, upcoming appointments, ebooks, websites — it’s all in front of you straight away. WP8.1 adds in the ability to add wallpapers that fuse with the live tiles as well as adjust the colours. The lock screen notifications are useful as well, particularly if your phone’s sat on the desk or the arm of a chair.

3.New Action Center

Windows phone action centre

This is an overdue feature which is a lot like the notification screen on Android, allowing you to access notifications and commonly used settings toggles from a pull down bar. It makes general operations of the phone a lot faster than they once were.

4.Professional And Unique Look

Unlike having and Android which is considered a smartphone for everyone, owning an a Windows Phone device is considered a privilege given the small number of the devices on the market. This is great for individuals who prefer unique and classy life style.Top executives can adopt larger windows phone models like the Nokia Lumia 1520,that have a mature and professional business  look unlike most Android smartphones that you can find with almost anyone.

5.Camera Technology and Apps

Windows phone 8.1 supports thousands of Camera apps that aim at giving and awesome photo snaps quality.This is great for the devices allowing you to take  quality photos and videos, they also guide the user to take those special moments with style.Some great apps include Lumia selfie,camera 360,photo collage and others.

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