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Eight Travel-Aid Gadgets You Must Pack this Holiday

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With more people (un)fortunately experiencing panic attacks anytime they have to be away from some kind of technology, connection or plug-in, it’s just prudent to accept and move on; technology is here to stay and grow, the best you can do is catch up before you are rendered extinct!


All pros and cons considered, technology has come as a big solution to life’s most daunting puzzles from communication, transportation to the fundamentals of survival instincts such as med-care and nutrition. The difference between a memorable holiday experience and just another excursion up Mt. Kilimanjaro could mean packing the right gadgets for adventure.  Listed down by Africa’s leading Hotel Portal, ,are couple of tech-gadgets that should not miss in your packing checklist.

Camera/Video Recorder and Accessories:

Whether horning your skills for The Lucie Statues or spotting an amateur badge for the love of the lenses, a camera is a superb invention you can trust with your safari chronologies. It’s important that you put into consideration the type of camera to pack depending on the gadget’s specs i.e., how suited it is for the destination. Think about any aerial shots you may need, moving objects to capture, low-lit settings etc. Pack your camera accessories punctiliously; be sure to packlenses with assorted focal lengths, extra batteries, battery charger, a self-standing tripod if need be and flash batteries. For storage purposes, pack a memory stick or memory card and an eye-fi card for easier downloading especially when using a point-and-shoot.



Adapter, Power Extension and Cables

You just kicked with an indomitable psyche your 80-Days around the world only to get a low-battery buzz half-way to your second stopover. Not very amusing. Take charge of your trip and pack chargers for all gadgets in your travel bag as well as an adapter to correspond with your destination(s). Again, you do not want to have to turn the laptop off every time you want to charge your smart phone. Avoid wasting precious travel timeby packing own power extension cable and any other cables you might need during your excursions.

power cord

Smart Phone

“History has shown that people make something technologically possible, then someone figures how to capitalize on it” once observed University of Utah’s neuroscientist Bryan Jones. In the unbeatable spirit of capitalization,gone are the days when a phone served just two purposes; call and text. The mobile devise is evolving at an alarming rate. The mental tag of war on to pack or not-to-pack your phone however is not so alien. While holidays are meant to whisk holiday-makers away from the chaos of civilization and modernity, very few of us will take kindly the thought of being cut-off from our loved ones. For instance, 2000 Hrs. is time to read out bedtime stories for my six year old, wherever I am on earth not withstanding; be I sliding up on the frozen peaks of the Mt. Kenyaor melting away in Ethiopia’sDanakil desert. It’s a religious culture formed and worshipped over the last few years.If you are a tech fan, you will have discovered way more functions on your gadget other than taking superb Hi Res. photos to sharing and storing them. What’s more, you can now ditch your iPod for a pre-recorded playlist on your phone. The most important bit is to use the phone as a Travel-aid Gadget, and not use half of your holiday time swiping your index up and down the screen.

An e-Reader

Whether sunbathing in the glorious sun-set of Zanzibaror exploring the Surf in Senegal’sNGor Island, any reader worth his collection will find immense value in an eReader. Similarly, counter un-anticipated lay-overs and winding road trips with a few pages off the eReader. For instance, you’ll barely notice the two hour stretch between Mwanza, (shore lines of Lake Victoria) and world-renown Serengeti National Parkwith a good chapter on your laps. It’s important that you organize yourliterature plan as part of your holiday prepping as opposed to doing it on the way.



Media Player/Mp3/iPods and Headphones

All for the proverbial ‘food for the soul’. You can easily park your favorite Linkin Park’s Album and enjoy the Beatles as well, if pre-recorded music is your thing. For those who prefer listening from within, you can filter any external noise by purchasing a noise-cancelling head set. Most important, work on your playlists ahead of time to avoid disappointments from a long list of non-favorites. Remember to pack your charger, and an extra pair of batteries if need be.



UV Water Purifier

This is an easy product that will assure you peace of mind. It’s a common necessity especially for back packers, hikers and campers, though generally, any traveler is very much aware of the risk in taking unclean water. The gadget works by killing and disabling the DNA of any waterborne bacteria thus rendering it incapable of attacking the human body cells. UV Water Purifiers come in a myriad of brands and sizes; pick a pocket size that will fit well in your cargo pants just in case you have to leave the back pack behind.

UV Water Purifier

UV Water Purifier


Especially when bound for out-door travel, you will need a good set that can locate a lioness guarding her cubs miles away. Get a pair that is waterproof and light, consider other important aspects such as the lens cap, strap, case etc.

Your Amor of Exploration; Scottevest

Without appearing toendorse Scott Jordan’s invention, I must give a thumb’s up to scottevest; it’s the geek traveler’s solution to superfluous and chaotic luggage. One of the main selling points of this jacket is the ability to wire headphones and earphones along the inner fabric of the lapel, tuck in your smartphone into a designated pocket and slip in a million other travel gadgets in the inner folds of the jacket. As part of their podcast Ad states; it’s a place for everything, where everything is in its place! Akin to choosing the right hotel, a scottevest gives you maximum functionality with a touch of trendy fashion.



For both tech-geeks and the rest of us who are yet to understand why Silicon Valley is such a fuss, packing well goes beyond the right shoes and sunblock. It’s about fitting in all the necessary items without looking like you are moving houses! Make a list of what you want to achieve, and then match it with the gadget to aid you in that specific task.

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