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Top 5 reasons to own a phablet.

Phablets are quite the craze right now, and almost everybody owns, or at least wants to own one of those ‘oversized’ smartphones with at least a 5 inch display. While some just want a bigger phone to show off to their peers, others genuinely take advantage of the numerous benefits that come with owning such phones. Consequently, the following five advantages may come in handy for those who feel that they may need a phablet for the actual benefits they are associated with.

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  • More Screen Estate

A phablet is all about the screen. The increase in screen size means that a lot of activities can be performed on the device without straining. Media such as videos can easily be watched more immersive on that 5inch screen. You can also edit various documents more accurately and efficiently. Moreover, most phablets come with good resolutions, at least 720p, meaning that the sharpness is bound to be top notch.

  • Eliminates the need for a Tablet

Phablets range in size up to around 6inches, while tablets start from around 7inches onwards. This means that there is only a deficiency of about 1 inch between a tablet and a phablet. As such, it just makes no sense to have both at once, unless there is a significant difference. In addition, most of the distinctive characteristics of a tablet can easily be handled by a phablet.

  • Larger Battery.

The large form factor means that there is always that extra space to fit in more juice. While it may be argued that the extra screen will still cut the effects of the larger battery short, most OEMs optimize their handsets such that there is a significant difference. Therefore, a decent phablet will undoubtedly give you more power through the day. In fact, phablets such as the Nokia Lumia 1520, Sony Xperia Z3, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, the iPhone 6 Plus, and Huawei Ascend Mate 7 are currently the most power-efficient devices.

  • Ease of Use.

Yes, it is difficult to use a phablet with one hand, but the point here is that the advantages of using it with two hands far outweigh the ‘convenience of one-handed use’. This means that while you will hold your small handset with one hand, you will not be able to read this article as easily on that phone as you would on your tablet. Again, typing on a phablet is much easier than typing on a typical smartphone.

  • Unique and Enriched User Experience.

Phablets offer an entirely unique experience due to being between a regular phone and a tablet. It’s more of like the best of both worlds, since you get the functionality of both a phone and tablet in a more compact and manageable package. The enriched experience is made even better by dedicated apps that promise an even advanced functionality

Despite all the above, the decision to buy a phablet just lies with individual preferences. Phablets are clearly not for everybody, and there are many people who still prefer smartphones with small displays. Nonetheless, phablets are quite unique, and Apple’s venture into the phablet territory should at least give everybody an interest in trying one out.

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