Leaked Images of the HTC Sense 7 Evoke Android 5.0

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HTC is known for super quality middle and high end priced smart phones in the Smart phone niche.The next latest  anticipated version from HTC is the the HTC sense 7 that’s mostly likely to feature the trending latest Android Lollipop OS.Screenshots leaked by Youmobile show nothing much from the explicit and superior slick design  with high accent colors and slim touches.

Google has promised to make final touches and release the final update of the Android Lollipop version by next week,with HTC promising its users a software update ready for download 90 days after receiving the Android Lollipop from Google.One of the few things most anticipated from Android Lollipop is the new widget and great features that comes embedded with the Operating system.



A survey by analysts showed that over 70% of all smart phones in the market actually ran on Android OS,making the Android Platform not only competitive but also giving opportunities for software and app growth by software developers and fanatics in love with tech and computer stuff.Htc is rumored to also launch an upgraded M8 model with metal material   that currently runs the Android Lollipop which is not yet fully baked and complete.The decision for the company to wait for the final update release from Goggle to feature it in the Htc Sense 7,might not be a bad idea after all but a strategy to ensure all the hardware and software components of the smart phone are properly linked and function excellently.

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