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Microsoft releases first update for Windows 10 Technical Preview.

windows 10

Microsoft is really working hard on Windows 10. Having released the technical preview just a few days back, the company has just released the first update for the Technical Preview. For those who installed the preview, it will appear on the update menu and prompt for installation or you may still install it from your computer’s settings. The update is approximately 3GB and fixes a variety of issues, though Microsoft warns that the Windows 10 technical preview is still quite shaky as it is in the developmental stage. Apparently, Microsoft revealed that over a million individuals are currently involved in testing it out under the Windows Insider program. Some of the persistent issues include troubles with Wi-Fi UI design, complications during sleep and wake actions, difficulties in switching between monitors, and even incompatibility with classic games such as solitaire.
While these issues will continually be ironed out with each successive build, the latest release has incorporated the actions centre from Windows Phone. This enables users to access the actions centre on the desktop as well. There is also DataSense that tracks data usage and facilitates better management mechanisms. Another feature borrowed from the latest version of Windows Phone is battery saver that is designed such that any unnecessary background activity is set in such a manner that it maximizes battery usage. Through this, Microsoft hopes that tablets and laptops running the version of Windows will register improved battery life. These borrowed features are aimed at realizing Microsoft’s aim of unifying its OS across all platforms. There is also improved functionality that enables moving windows between monitors through the help of keyboard shortcuts. What is more, you are now greeted with a fluid and intuitive animation as you switch between desktops. While these may seem pretty small, the current world has proven that it is such small things that actually matter. And it seems that Microsoft is paying attention to the demands of the users, and slowly giving them exactly what they want. Given that Windows is the most common OS, many are eager to see what the final build of Windows 10 will look like, and we will have to wait until it is released sometime in 2015.

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