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Google has unveiled a new email platform that aims to revolutionize how we view emailing. Dubbed Google Inbox, the new platform is designed in such a manner that the user’s inbox stays as clean as possible. It draws from Google Now, and incorporates inspirations from Mailbox. While the typical email platform uses a list approach such that emails are basically listed in order of arrival, Inbox allows users to have a slight glimpse at the contents of any email without necessarily having to click it open. In addition, it adds the already existing Bundles that groups similar emails together such as Social, Promotion etc. What’s more, Inbox’s Bundles is smarter, and has more functionality that allows certain actions to be performed to all emails in a given group at once.
Google Inbox also has Highlights that gives previews to some important aspects of an email such as picture thumbnails. In certain instances, you are able to view corresponding web information that could be relevant to the information you are viewing. For example, Inbox could bring up weather details for an area in the event that you are viewing flight itineraries to that area. To make it even more customizable and intuitive, Inbox brings an Assists feature in addition to Snooze and Reminders. While Snooze and Reminders carry their contemporary meanings, Assists works in such a manner that it scans through email or Reminders and adds the necessary information without needing the user to manually fix them. An example is inputting the necessary phone numbers for reservations or check-in links in case of flight bookings. Through this, Google Inbox aims to be an integral part of managing oneself and the email.
Google Inbox has been in the works for two years now, and Google says that it is entirely different from the traditional Gmail app. Users will have to choose one between the two, but not both. Inbox will be available for Android, iOS, and the web when it rolls out. For now, however, it is only available through invites from Google is still amassing feedback from the first few users, and it will be much better by the time it rolls out fully.

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