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Mashujaa Day Special: Jovago Offers 25% Off Hotel Booking


Let’s take a moment of truth; Mashujaa Day is here, you and I have been counting days, crossing the calendar, if only for a one-day-off from the usual routine! And now that the reprieve is nigh, everyone around is busy asking everyone around them what they are up to! Reminds me of Dinah Washington’s Classic What a Difference a Day Makes. While some have their calendars well programmed from the turn of the year, others like me hide our not-so-meticulous-ways under the camouflage of Spontaneity! Hey, we are Sanguine; just arise and shine, happy-go-lucky. But like everyone else we could do with a few pointers., Africa’s leading hotel booking service offers some useful insights on where to go, what to do this Long Weekend.  On top of the tips, you shall have a 25% off the Rate by using the Special Code: JoinUs.


Try some Country-side Intrigues; White Water Rafting at Rapids Camp, Sagana:

For any adrenaline-filled adventure, nothing beats the raft at Rapids Camp Sagana. The camp, which hosted the 2008 African Kayaking Olympics still retains its charm. You can opt to finally face your fear of heights, scientifically termed as acrophobia by taking a bungee jump into the wild waters of Sagana River or somersaulting against the rough tides. White water rafting in River Tana and rock climbing on the boulders along the river is a common activity at the camp.

Rapids Camp

Rapids Camp

You can chose to camp the whole weekend, as the camp houses about 300 tents or take 11/2 hour drive from the city through Murang’a-Nairobi or Thika Highways to this tranquil location. Once here you can choose to have a relaxed afternoon on the acres of well-manicured lawns on banks of the river or make arrangements forbush lunch, River trekking and fishing. More active individuals can explore the array of watersports including diving, kayaking, white water rafting and sport fishing. If staying overnight, consider taking part in the moonlit walks for the fun of bonding with nature’s nocturnal mystique!

Earthly Paradise on top of Mt Longonot

It’s amazing! And quite practical; takeroughly one hour drive from the city, any of the three days and enjoy stunning views of the “beautiful world beneath” from the crater.Longonot is an extinct volcano, 2, 776 m above sea level and offers great views of the Rift Valley and Lake Naivasha. Depending on your fitness (ooh, yes! It matters) it will take you about 1-2.5 hours to scale the rocks and terrains on the climb, and then another 1-1.5 hours to complete the legendary walk around the crater.



The view is spectacular and quite serene, very suitable for a family picnic or just an afternoon with happy-go-lucky nature lovers. Keep a firm eye on the young ones, and of course stay sober while up the crater! The sides are steep and a potential danger of slipping off to the bowels of the volcano is real!

A park fee payable at the KWS entrance guarantees you a trained guard for your escapade. Remember to keep your camera and binoculars on for wildlife spotting.

A Divine Dive in East Africa’s Most Magnificent Spa

On top of offering the splendor and grace that’s naturally occurring in the Great Rift Valley, Enashipai Resort & Spaalso boasts of East Africa’s biggest spa and supersized swimming pools. Another plus on the exclusive treatment you are bound to receive here is the child-minders and the Kid’s club that will keep the young ones occupied!

Sheltered within sun-kissed natural gardens, the ultimately invigorating World-class ZiwaSpa  (meaning ocean) offers a much-deserved retreat to soothe away months any bouts of tension, any un-appreciated feeling! Treat this as your R&R and leave your itinerary at that.


Or Just Drive Away to Hell’s Gate

Hell’s Gate National Park, though small by African Standards is home to diverse and an amazing birdlife in the region. The park also allows activities such as biking, motorcycling, and hiking an aspect not very common in national parks. You may consider staying close by in camping sites such as Camp Carnelley’s  just to ensure you rise early enough to catch the wildlife by the waterholes!

Camp Carnelleys

Camp Carnelleys

Not to be missed in your nature trail is Ol-Njorowa’s gorge, one of the highlights of Hell’s Gate National Park; the gorge is very scenic, from the steep and incised rock moldings to the pumice lava and green algae thriving in the “day lighting” spots of the underground springs. The mythical section “Devil’s bedroom” apparently named by early visitors because of the monkeys who usually congregated here making unearthly noises should also be on your list.

If rock climbing spurs an adrenaline rush in your system, then you will have a great time on the rocky extrusions of Fischer’s tower at the mouth of the gorge. Picnics are great here, but beware of the flash floods- heed to the very last word of your guard’s instruction!

Treasures in Your Backyard: Nairobi National Park;

Isn’t it disturbing how we all want to travel, experience and create look books on top of travel diaries of where we’ve been/ what we’ve seen, yet few of us bother with the very world-renowned park on our way to the airport?


Nairobi National Park ranks high on the global scale, remember itsAfrica’s largest protected area so imminent to the city. It’s also one of Kenya’s most successful black rhino sanctuaries and also hosts over 400 species of birds; more than the entire United Kingdom. Maybe then, after your day at the park, you can consider changing your route back and pass by one of the nyamachoma houses along your way!

Treat your Inner god; Dine like Royalty at The Tribe!

Probably representing that One Tribe that quite comprehends the intricacies of fine living and tasteful interiors. The clan at Tribe just like they have promised on their website will receive you traditionally; arms wide spread, eyes smiling and eager to offer you the comforts of a weary traveler! And since, I suppose you won’t have travelled for too long, take a moment and take in the serene atmosphere; plush and chic décor, world-class finishing and tastefully put together furnishing, nothing in the “usual”. Dine and wine like the royals, sample the assorted bars and finally go flip back to your copies of Conde Nast Traveller-you will agree the Tribe has a rightful place on the Hot List!

Or Drift off to Dazzling Diani

Voted as the top-destination by the recent 2014’s World Travel Award, Diani does not disappoint. The 10 kilometer expanse of glittering white sands stretch from the KongoRiver to the North and Galu beach to the south. This world renowned destination is a favorite with top celebrities as well as the corporate league with a taste for virgin, uninterrupted natural beaches. Diani comes to live in just 19 minutes from Mombasa across, you can also fly direct from Nairobi on Safari link.


Once here, forget the worries of depreciating markets, un-appreciating relations, a degrading ozone layer and just soak in the shallow waters hugging the shore line! The sands seem to kiss and soak in the sun’s rays, just the perfect set up for a sunbathe afternoon. One thing about this idyllic setting, is that you cannot have an idle moment!

Finally, do not lose the holiday’s meaning; take a minute and think how far we’ve come from the struggle for independence, celebrate your hero/shujaa by supporting/contributing or donating to a worth course! Also note, Jovago is giving away a 25% discount on every booking made this Mashujaa Weekend!!! Make your way to the website and watch your heroic dreams come true.


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