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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Drop Test Caught on Tape

Samsung ridiculed and laughed off Apples recently launched Iphone 6 and I phone 6 Plus,for its numerous hatch backs both for its ios 8 and the #bendgate drama.Samsung in fact responded to the Iphone 6 bending issues by doing a live bend test to “diss” and show unlike its major competitors Apple the ,Note 4 is a fine piece of Steel.

Rumors suggest of a drop test Video to prove and show how the device is able to with stand falls and trembles from different Fall distances.The Smart Phone is being tested to drop from different Angles and sides on to a hard Metal floor,unbelievably emerges unscathed and intact without any scratch or damage.

However its quite weird that Natural falls after purchasing some of this devices end up in a smashed and cracked screen,or broken parts unlike the drop tests where the device remains untouched and harmed.

Check out the Video here: http://www.youtube.com/embed/Jj3Jy5ufhaY

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