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LG’S New Smartwatch to feature a Web Os

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Lg is set to unveil a new smart watch device running on a Web Os Operating system.It comes as surprise as the Web Os Operating system  is one of the “ancient” and oldest operating systems from Hp company,that it used earlier before it adopted the windows 7 Os.

The Web os just like android has had its own problems and challenges of implementing and integration,with its roots being traced and developed from palm and later on acquired by Hp before recently being bought by Lg.Its quite good and impressive that the company wants to adopt a unique and different style in the world of smart watches,but experts predict that it might face tough market competition.

LG just admitted that it's making a webOS smartwatch

Unlike other Tech Giants like Samsung that actually put up the risk to use  a different non popular Os and it did quite fun,the Web Os doesn’t seem all that lucky and catchy and personally a choice to such an old Os in a wearable device in a bad idea from the Company.In a market where the 90% of both smart phones and all wearable s are run on Android, is a bad idea and the chances of it thriving and coming out good are 50/50 or yet still lower.

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