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A Brief Look At Apple’s And Its Woes


Every year, there is a cycle where we give you some leaks and rumours regarding some of the biggest upcoming products from the major companies. In most cases, the leaks are accompanied by pictures and any juicy news surrounding the device in question. Generally, leaks and rumours always tend to be far-fetched, thereby making consumers really look forward to a ground-breaking device in terms of innovation. However, this is always far from the case when the device is finally released.

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The Apple iPhone 6 is one clear example. At this point, let me first state that I am not an Apple hater, or Android fan boy for that matter. I just like to stick to the facts, and say it as it is. If Samsung, or any other company for that matter, made similar mistakes, I would not hesitate to point them all out. So after the disappointments that came with the releasing of the iPhone 6, more is now emerging. For some time now, reports have surfaced that the iPhone 6 Plus, and in other instances the iPhone 6, bend under generally normal stress when in the pocket. So in addition to the numerous deficiencies that the iPhone has, it also comes with a design flaw that potentially bends it causing even more troubles. I find this to be particularly worrying since Apple only focuses on the iPhone, and doesn’t have a huge array of devices to consider. This means that the logistics are greatly reduced, and technically this should enable Apple make the best devices possible. But this is not the case, at least this time round.

Ok, companies may sometime have trouble, its normal, so we could easily let that pass, as it will just be rectified later on. But then we are hit with news that iOS 8 crashes at a much higher rate than any other previous iOS. In addition, it has got quite a number of bugs that needed to be fixed as soon as possible. So Apple comes up with an update in the name of iOS 8.0.1, meant to fix all the problems of iOS 8. Fair enough, but the nightmare doesn’t seem to be over as the update proves to be worse than the bugs it’s trying to fix. It literally makes iPhone 6 users unable to make calls as it annihilates cell service. In addition, the magnificent Touch ID is rendered useless. So Apple advises people to revert back to iOS 8, and await the release of the second update, iOS 8.0.2.

Well, they say when it rains, it pours, and Apple have been in a thunderstorm. Hopefully, though, they will weather the storm and come out strong, but this has been a terrible let down on their part. Most Apple users say that Apple devices and services always ‘just work’, but I guess this is one instance where the workability has been put to question. It would have been better if only one catastrophe hit, like the phone bending but iOS 8 being fine, or iOS 8 crashing and all, but the phone being sturdy enough. But all two happened at once, and to make it worse, what was meant to fix iOS 8 bugs ended up being worse. Well, am basically driving at this point; all this should not happen to a phone that costs well over $950 here in Kenya.

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