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Top 5 iPhone 6 dissapointments.

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Apple just held its event a couple of days ago, and indeed it was full of all the flair, pomp and glory that we have always associated with Apple keynotes. Indeed Apple Inc. has some of the most loyal customer base, and this makes it much easier for the company to always get away with it whenever they come up with a product that is not really that awesome. The iPhone 6 is one such device, and my personal feeling is that Apple did not really deliver this time round. Well this does not mean that the iPhone 6 is not a great device, it is by most measures great, especially Apple Pay, but come to think of it, Apple has always been the industry leader in terms of innovation and ground-breaking ideas. In light of this, the iPhone fails to deliver. But before I get roasted by iPhone die-hards, let me point out the top five reasons that lead to my preposition.

  1. No 4K video recording.

This just sounds awkward. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus both lack 4K video recording capabilities. This is a feature that is becoming mainstream in most flagships, and it is a shame that the ‘king’ of all flagships lacks this. The Galaxy S5, the Note 3, the Note 4, the Galaxy Alpha, LG G3, Xperia Z2, Z3,Z3 Compact, LG G Pro 2, OnePlus One, Oppo Find 7, Oppo Find 7a, Xiaomi Mi4, the Note Edge, Meizu MX4…but not iPhone. Am pretty sure very few people have an idea of what Oppo Find 7 looks like, but it has 4K video recording. It can be argued that 4K doesn’t really matter anyway, but the twist is that an Android user who might have wanted to switch to iPhone may reconsider after learning that 4K lacks on iPhones. iOS fans obviously won’t mind, as long as it is an iPhone. Heck, why can’t Apple provide 4K video recording in late 2014, when by early 2013 there was already a camera capable of 8K, yes 8K recording.

  1. No Quad HD Display.

The iPhone 6 has 326ppi pixel density, while the iPhone 6 Plus has 401 pixel density. Not bad, quite impressive, until you learn that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has 515ppi. And the original HTC One (M7) had 468ppi. This was back in 2013, and in 2014 the best that Apple, not any other company, can bring is 401ppi max. I can barely talk about the iPhone 6’s 326ppi. To be fair, Apple has done some tweaks and clever tricks such as some clever pixel alignments to compensate, but it’s still no match for a QHD display. It’s even a shame that only the iPhone 6 Plus makes it to 1080p while the iPhone 6 does not, and hangs somewhere in-between due to Apple’s obsession with 326. In short, this means that the iPhone 6 does not have a standard display in that it cannot be categorised as 720p, or 1080p, or QHD. It just lies somewhere between 720p and 1080p.

  1. 1.2MP Front Facing Camera.

Well, the iPhone’s famous Face Time camera is still 1.2MP. The iPhone 4 was the first with a front facing camera, a paltry 0.3MP VGA camera. This was repeated in the iPhone 4S. They slightly improved it to 1.2MP in the iPhone 5, maintained it in the iPhone 5S/5C…and now also in the iPhone 6. This is in a market with phones rocking 13MP front facing camera (ZTE Nubia X6, Meitu 2, and the rotating camera on the Oppo N1), others having 8MP front shooters (Huawei Ascend P7). If we consider phones with 5MP front cameras then the list could even get longer (HTC One M8, Huawei Ascend Mate 7, Sony Xperia C3, which is a mid-range device, and a host of other devices). For those still unable to catch the drift, its sufficient to say that 1.2MP for a front-facing camera is pretty low, not that I personally even use it, but for an Apple flagship it could be much better.

  1. Lacking Wireless Charging.

Two years ago, Nokia introduced wireless charging on their Lumia 920. 5th September 2012 to be precise. And now, exactly two years later, it is still a feature that is yet to appear in iPhones despite the time that the company has had to develop it. Yes they did include it in the Apple Watch, but it should have been included in the two versions of the iPhone as well, it’s not much to ask for, especially in a phone that is going to cost well over Kshs. 70,000 for the base model. Apple prides itself in the Lightning Connector, but this is just a spiced up USB cable, with ‘reversibility for ease of use’. All in all, I believe wireless charging should have been a basic feature of the iPhone. Given that it is Apple, they should have even gone further and introduced true Wi-Fi charging, but by the look of things I guess that’s still far-fetched.

  1. Extras.

There is always so much to talk about, like the iPhone lacking any certification like IP67, or IP68. This is becoming common in most flagships such as Sony’s Xperia phones and Samsung’s latest devices. On the design front, Apple did not really do much to make the phones exceptional. The aluminium unibody construction is not any better than HTC’s M8. If we look at battery, both iPhones come with irreplaceable batteries, and this means that they should be juicy enough to take you through a whole days work. Apple has not revealed the actual size of the batteries, but is promising some improved performance especially after the numerous complaints it received in regards to the battery in the iPhone 5S. Nonetheless, they need to learn from Huawei. The company just fitted a whopping 4100mAh battery within its latest device, the Ascend Mate 7. All this is within a 7.9mm profile. Talking of being thin, the iPhone 6 is 7.1mm while the 6 Plus is 6.9mm, but Apple still can’t claim the thinness crown since Samsung’s Galaxy Alpha thins out at only 6.7mm, and is 5.7mm shorter and 1.5mm narrower, yet it has extra features such as a heart rate monitor and maintains a screen size of 4.7”, similar to the iPhone 6. Being smaller yet of a similar screen size means that the Alpha is a more compact device overall. It’s even 14g lighter than the iPhone 6.

As a last shot, it is worth noting that the iPhone 6 does not have an active FM chip, meaning that it does not have radio. So unless you have the financial might to use Apple Radio and/or iTunes, you may not be able to listen to FM radio on your new iPhone 6.

This could go on and on, and though I have aimed a lot of shots at Apple, the company has some good offerings in the iPhone 6’s such as its impeccable Touch ID and Apple Pay. But that’s something for another day, as of now I couldn’t help but share this representation of Apple’s new flagship device.

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