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10 Battery Saving Tips For Android Users

426123 android battery tips

Mobile Phone and gadget device developers may be adding new and great specs improving the performance and reliability to consumers.However the issue of actually powering up this devices has not been addressed quite efficiently.Such that a Smart phone may have all those desirable specs,design boosted performance but the user gets to enjoy this for a limited time before the gadget powers off.In Kenya the Huawei Ideos was one of the cheapest Android Smart phones  costing just K sh 8000/$95.However a survey showed that the devices had a weak battery life approximately 12 Hours of use and most users actually had to recharge them twice or even thrice for heavy users.

The Upgrades of Android OS,like jelly bean is actually being critised by some users,with 25% of Android users reported to be running on the latest Android Kit kat.For example a pal of mine owns the Amazing Galaxy S2,and when he upgraded the Smart phone to the jelly bean version,the battery life lasted actually half of his previous use.Here are some great Battery Saving tips to give that smartphone a longer boost and life span.

1.The First step is checking what actually consumes the battery

Android Battery Tips

You cant solve a problem if you don’t know the problem.Go to settings,Navigate to the Battery settings and actually check what consumes the battery.This is the most vital step as it will guide to the steps to take in the first place.

2.Check to see if any Radio activity is on

Android Battery Tips

Unnecessary turning on of most radio hardware like Bluetooth,WiFi,may actually be the real course or reason for your battery being sacked or draining out your device.

3.Turn Off Email,Facebook,Twitter Sync

This activities actually run in the background,and may not only take away your battery but the data bundles may be a collateral damage.You can Specify settings for Manual.Its Simple  just go to settings,Accounts sync and turn it off or set it to manual.

4.Stop and Select Apps that run on the background

Most Apps run in the background and as previously noted they take away your battery and huge data bundles without actually your knowledge.From the settings menu ,go to Applications,then swipe left,note those apps that actually are taking your Ram,CPU and battery and stop them from running.

Android Battery Tips

5.Make use of the power Saver Mode

Some gadgets have a battery Saver mode that comes in three different modes;save battery always,when battery is low,or when the battery reaches a certain percentage.This feature is critical as it reduces battery wastage by up to 40%.

6.Check the signal strength

A smartphone in a low signal or reception area tends to use more battery when trying to boost or work hard to find a stronger signal base or back ground.In such instances its advisable to Keep the phone in its Airplane Mode,that’s if you don’t need data or voice calls or texts.

7.Check Online Reviews

Some Devices or gadgets have larger or better battery capacities than others.A user can actually check ,compare and contrast different Amh Battery Capacities for Smartphones.A user can counter check the Stand by time,video Play back time ,against their requirements.

8.Remove unnecessary Live wall papers,and widgets from the Home screen

9.Make it Less chatty

This might not be received kindly by some individuals but some chat Online services like whats app,my space,Viber consume a lot of Battery use.Reducing the time you spend on this apps greatly reduces the battery consumption.

10.Tweak and Tune your Display

Turning the brightness to a minimum or low might reduce the power consumption of the Smartphone or devices giving it a longer battery life and extendability.

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