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Microsoft to do away with Nokia and Windows Phone branding.

Nokia Lumia 1020 front camera zoom

For those who have been following Microsoft’s events lately, the company is really re-strategizing especially in the wake of the smartphone wars that are slowly defining the technology industry. Indeed, PCs upon which Microsoft was once focused on are steadily losing their spark, and being replaced with the likes of smartphones, tablets and phablets. This necessitates the transformation that is currently taking place at Microsoft.

As such, the company is now doing away with the Nokia brand, and in extension, the Windows Phone branding too. Microsoft has already set out to do away with these two branding schemes, and the most recent commercials and marketing gimmicks do not feature the Nokia or Windows Phone brands. Instead, Microsoft is trying to adopt Windows and/or Lumia as the only brand(s) for its products. The latest point of reference is in the recently released Lumia 930. Focus is on Windows, and Windows Phone as a brand is not given any interest at all. The same goes for the latest in the tablet and any other product or product commercial such as recent Cortana commercials.

This means that Microsoft has still not figured out the right foot to take on the smartphone battle, and is still fiddling with the correct brand that it can easily identify itself with. However, this does not mean that Windows Phone OS is being scrapped, the OS is more than alive, but it is the branding that is being restructured. All in all, we hope this will be successful given that Windows Phone devices are still lagging behind in the mobile phone war.

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