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Top Android Games you should have on your Smartphone

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Gone are the days when video games and other kid games were seen as childish or stupid.The gaming industry actually is one of the most profitable and well paying as evident from two rivalry companies;Sony/X box.Sony Play station’s 4 netted the company more than a quarter billion($26.8B),with the Microsoft Xbox division netting $1.32B.The tough competition between these two companies has seen the two Company’s battle it out for the gaming niche,with Sony’s Products costing nearly $100 less compared to the Xbox.

Smart phone game developers are also doing well with both free and premium versions of gaming apps available.Some games actually are for free but come along with adds that the game developers earn from when the player clicks on them.Another great way the Game developers earn games is by selling coins/stars that actually help the player buy stuff in the games to enhance their gaming interest and fun.The following are some of the top 5 best rated app games for any android user.The games can be found for other different OS Systems,like Windows and ios.

1.Modern Combat($6.99)


This is an action packed android game from Game loft that actually turns the battle field into an actual real scenario.The player can play both as a sniper trooper,heavy and assault troopers,and the option of either a single or multi player is available.

2.Walking Dead Season 2(free)


From the thriller action packed series movies the walking dead,the walking dead game is just a full of excitement and fun.The players are able to take out zombies or be eaten alive.This game’s first chapter is actually free but users have to buy the other chapters from the app store.

3.Ascension (free)


This actually is a card game,for card lovers.It might look as a similar to the windows solitaire.Its just a fantasy building deck card,where players start with a limited no of cards then slowly build a repertoire of heroes ,and constructs.

4.Temple Run(free)



Temple run is actually available for both its 1st and 2nd version.Its basically a game where the player tries to escape monsters and demons while watching out for steep clips, waterfalls.The game is a popular to many android Smartphones as it comes per-installed in some devices.Their are rumors that the game will be integrated into the recently launched Samsung Virtual reality.

5.Rival Knights(Free)


For the Lovers of Kingdom tales ,thrones and war,the rival knights game is here for you.Players have a real chance of putting up their soldier armor, and play timing and mini aiming games  as you try to balance the speed of your war horse,slamming into your opponents target.

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