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Lumia Cyan Windows 8.1 update


Microsoft and Nokia have been burning the mid night candle as it tries to battle out for  the Smartphone niche market that is now currently dominated by Android technology and software.The unavailing of Smartphones that actually ran on a windows software was at first not all that  welcoming to Smartphone Lovers,however the released windows 8 update,the 8.1 is set to capture quite a good percentage of the Mobile market.Nokia is coming up with strategies to kip it at healthy competitive levels with the likes of HTC,Techno ,and not forgetting its biggest rivalry Samsung.The plan to actually integrate android into its X series devices,personally was a really important and vital decision to the mobile Phone developer.I am a Lumia user,and i must admit Nokia Lumia Series of Mobile Phones are one of the best in the world in terms of performance and design.There are various ranges of Lumia devices both Low middle and High end.However Microsoft should consider adding more apps into its store,as its disadvantaged to the millions of free apps found in the goggle play store.

Then Whats really new in the recently  released Cyan 8.1

Nokia in its website really gloats about  better features and software updates,Here are some of them:

1.A New Home Screen


Windows phone users will have faster access,more tiles on the screen enabling personalization of the home screen,and adding lots of app tiles they love.The Previous feature of re arranging and resizing tiles is now more fun.

2.Action Centre

action centre

The action centre that was less user friendly is now updated to enable a Nokia user know all about their devices;notifications,messages,app updates,download progress,wifi switch,flight mode and a quick access to settings thats time saving and fast


3.Better Keyboard functionality

The Keyboard might look as a similar to the androids swipe feature as it integrates a word flow style that will not only be fast,but also effective and efficient making it fun and easy.images







4.Better Camera functionality.

Fewer Camera buttons on the screen enable users get that perfect shot,more features;Refocus,Cinema graphs,Smart shots turning the Snap shot scenario into almost a real actual life scenario.cam5.Story of My Life feature

Instead of kipping that old big album,the Nokia Story teller feature actually lets you kip those good and treasured memories with a unique picture video helping you kip moments,places,family and friends all in one place



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