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Attention all you professional out there, you now have the option to drink till you drop (this is a bad idea) even on a week night as HelloFood Kenya has come up with quick fixes to help with the hangovers. Below is a feature articles by HelloFood Kenya.

Everyone has them.

Those friends who visit from overseas for the holiday and expect you to go out every night during the week. You succumb to their pleas and tell yourself that you’ll only do one drink and head home. And then guess what happens? The clock says 1 AM, you’re still in the club with your drunk pal who won’t stop reminiscing on old times while all you’re thinking of is how to be sober in the morning without looking like you’ve been ran over by a truck.

Those mornings can be a huge struggle not only becauseof the cold season, which makes getting out of bed a battle itself already, but also the fact that you’ve had not enough sleepto recover from last night’s alcohol escapades. Lacking sleep will most probably affect your moodand your performance in the work place –so what do you do?

Well, one plan is to ditch your longtime friend so that you are no longer derailed during the week. However, that’s not going to happen. An alternative solution would be to find a remedy that will give you just enough zing to get through the day. There are a thousand and one remedies to recovering from a mild hangover and minimal sleep, one of them is having a savory breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and if there was ever a time of the day tospoilyourself with all the sinfully delicious food, then the early mealtime is the way to go. If you simply have to be at your desk in the morning and are thinking of skipping breakfast to beat the traffic, bad idea. Studies have shown that this is far more detrimental to your health and mental output than missing out on any other meal. It is much better to skip lunch or even supper than to skip breakfast.

Thankfully, hellofood has the solution for you. Online food delivery has come to the rescue of a number of professionals who’ve had heavy nights as a result of social interaction the night before.  And what a convenient way to have a meal delivered to you in the shortest time possible! Here is a list of some hangover favorites.

The English breakfast

This is mostly reserved for the weekend and special occasions because of the amount of time it takes to prepare it. However at Four Cafe & Bistro this wonderful meal can be delivered to your desk. Generally, a Full English breakfast will have bacon, eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, fried bread or toast with butter, sausages and baked beans, some might even include roast potatoes. Nothing can give you that extra boost like a cooked meal in the morning.

Eggs Florentine

Lovers of green vegetables!This delicious meal is for you. Any meal with the title ‘Florentine’ means you will find Spinach as a main part of the dish. A little bit of history – Spinach was popularized in Europe by some powerful Italian heiress from Florence who insisted that spinach be consumed at every meal.Now you know. J Both Eggs and Spinach have numerous health benefits and not only does it make a great breakfast, it can also be a good for both lunch and dinner as well.

The Spanish Omlet

Some say that this is the most popular meal served in Spain, but I guess you would have to travel there to confirm this. The proper name for the Spanish Omlet is tortilla patatas meaning “potato pancake.” The best thing about this is that it can be eaten hot or cold. Many are known to add cheese or chopped sausages to it and this delicious meal is an all-time recovery solution meal especially before getting into morning meetings or presentations with that special client.


There are people who claim that the best way to cure a hangover is to drink some more alcohol. But all that does is give you temporary relief and all you’re doing is postponing the inevitable. So, rather than extending your alcohol level, which will consequently lead to a worse hangover later in the day,try to drink a fresh fruit juice. Fresh juice with no concentrates or sugar is the best way to re-hydrate your body. Some of the best juices to help you recover are tomato juice,banana juice or if you’d like to be a little more adventurous try the coco beach cocktail that has Banana, coconut, pineapple, mango and lime.

With these solutions, you no longer have to dodge your friend’s phone call when they call you for a spontaneous night of fun!

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