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Cortana may be integrated into Windows 9.

Windows 9

The world of digital assistants seems to be slowly taking shape, with most OSes striving to integrate it into as many platforms as possible. Google, Apple, and Microsoft already have their own iterations of digital assistants, but this is particularly for handhelds. However, this is now about to change with Microsoft planning to introduce Cortana to its next major release of Windows, Windows 9. It is also alleged that Apple is in the process of integrating a Siri-type digital assistant into the Mac OS.

Presently, Windows 9 is in the developmental stage whereby it is codenamed Windows Threshold. Sources reveal that Cortana is one of the major areas of investment for Windows Threshold. In this developmental form, Cortana subsists more like an app than a fully functional part of the OS. However, it is believed that this is the case particularly for developmental benefits such that the app-like form holds position to facilitate the addition of other features with Cortana in mind. Through this form of development, Cortana’s integration into the OS is expected to be more fluid, and conscious of most other OS features.

Windows 9 preview release is slated for later this year, and this news is another major revelation regarding the OS. Prior to this, Microsoft hinted towards a redesigned start menu, in addition to scrapping the charms bar that is mostly optimized for touch-based devices. Consequently, these are the major distinguishing features for Windows 9, and it looks like Microsoft is quite serious at implementing Cortana for both Windows Phone and Windows OS. Hopefully it will turn out well, and they will iron out the major impedances for voice-controlled digital assistants. As such, we may be presented with a fully interactive digital assistant when Windows 9 is officially released in 2015.

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