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You now have more control over Google Drive permissions through WhoHasAccess.

The cloud is largely one of the most defining features of today’s innovations. The ability to save or store documents, videos, music, pictures or any other file format over the web has greatly revolutionized how people manage and interact with their data. Basically, a cloud service such as Google Drive makes it easy for you to access the documents saved therein from any computer or device linked to the drive. This is just but the basic feature that defines the cloud service. In addition to it, Google introduced the ability to share permissions with other individuals, and this was specifically aimed at individuals that work as a team. Indeed, this has been instrumental in assisting teams of persons far from each other in accomplishing tasks that would otherwise have been more daunting.

However, over time, it has been noted that people could lose track of the individuals who have permission to access documents in their Drive, and this makes it vulnerable to unauthorized or unwanted access. This means that you may be working with a given team on a project, and they have full access to your Drive. However, you may lose track of all the members of the team after the project is over, thereby leading to the possibility that some former members of the team may still be having access to your Drive.

Nonetheless, this can now be avoided through WhoHasAccess. This is a web based app that is designed to keep track of all the people that have access or permissions to view your Drive over time. The app looks through your Drive and settings and comes up with a list of all the persons that have permissions from previous team collaborations. From this list, you can revoke the permissions of the individuals that you no longer have the need to share Drive permissions. Consequently, it gives you direct control over your Drive and even enhances your peace of mind knowing that nobody is secretly viewing your documents without your permission.

WhoHasAccess, therefore, is a neat little utility tool that enables those who have shared their permissions some control over who can access their Drive, especially after long periods of time during which some permissions need to be revoked.

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