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Top 5 Great Android Wear Apps.

Android Wear

Android wear is slowly coming of age. Though it may not have fully picked up, we are within the reality of a fully-fledged Android Wear takeover. This means that with its continued development and improvement, we are bound to see more and more of it, and this calls for an increase in additional apps in line with improving its functionality. Without much ado, let us take a look at some top apps that could be of particular help to those who have already embraced devices running Android Wear.

  1. Wear Unlock.

Security is essential, and this app makes it easier to unlock your phone once you have paired it with your Android Wear. It basically works pretty simple, unlocking your phone whenever the Wear is near. As such, you don’t need any pattern or code to unlock your phone. Otherwise whenever the Wear is not within reach, the phone automatically locks and requests for a password to unlock it. It goes for $1.99(or about kshs.170) at the store.

  1. Wear Mini Launcher.

Android Wear is basically designed for less physical interaction, and is only optimized for voice commands. However, not many people find it easy to use voice commands, as it is usually compromised by accents and the varying tones. In this regard, Wear Mini Launcher comes in. This is a utility app that enables you to easily access all your apps on your device without going through the hassles voice commands.

  1. PixtoCam.

This is also another nice and well put together app that basically makes it easier to use your phone’s camera from your Android Wear device. It has an interface that is designed in such a way that the basic functions such as zoom and capture for both video and photos can be remotely controlled from the Wear. It basically opens a world of opportunities for photo lovers.

  1. Wear Aware.

This apps increases phone security by constantly informing the user on the whereabouts of their phone. The app has to be installed in both the Wear device and the phone. It then constantly works in the background and monitors the range between the two devices. Should the range exceed a certain predefined limit, the smart watch buzzes, or vibrates. Given than it’s constantly worn on the wrist, the owner gets alert and thereby never gets their phone out of sight.

  1. Emergency Alert for Wear.

Our final app also emphasizes on security, and mainly focuses on ensuring that sharing of your location is as easy as possible. Though it is designed as an emergency app, it can still be used to ease mobility and location information among friends and family. Through the app, you can set a certain message with a shared map of your location. Consequently, a single tap on the screen enables you to send the message to some pre-set contacts thereby sharing your location. As the name suggests, such an app is quite helpful in emergency situations.

In conclusion, these apps are just a select few of the numerous that are already available for Android Wear. Once Android Wear gains ground, the selection will be even wider. We can sufficiently conclude that a world of endless possibilities is just about to be unleashed.

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