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Google Glass competitor: Lenovo C1.

Lenovo C1

Google Glass already has a competitor in the name of Lenovo C1. Lenovo, the Chinese company behind the device, has showcased prototypes of the C1, as it puts itself in the best position to enter the field of wearable devices, especially against Google Glass. Lenovo’s form factor is just like Google’s, and there are certain immediate similarities that can be drawn from the two:


They both feature a front facing camera, and both also have the prism that acts as the display. However, the only difference comes through the C1’s neck contraption, which is an attachment onto which the device’s battery is fitted. Strictly speaking, however, Lenovo’s C1 is a lot more like Google Glass. The regular individual may not immediately be in a position to differentiate the two from each other, apart from the ‘Lenovo’ marking that runs across the length of the C1.

Nonetheless, not much is known about the device as of now, only that the camera will be 5 megapixels. Additionally, it will feature voice recognition, gesture control, in addition to having a touchpad for easy use. It will also have Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and around 12GB of storage. Hopefully, Lenovo will continually give updates on any developments it makes on it.

To differentiate the two devices, Lenovo has to either come up with some unique features and interesting innovations, or retail the C1 at a substantial price point below Google’s Glass. At least that will make some sense in product differentiation, otherwise there will be no point in Lenovo creating the device similar to Glass and also within the same price point. Of particular interest, however, is that Lenovo’s smart glasses are aimed at helping the company launch its NBD framework. This platform is geared towards the realization of a smart home, and what is known as “The Internet of Things”.

As always, we cannot really speculate and conclude until more detailed information and facts are known about the device.

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