iPhone 6 Sapphire Crystal Display

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There are always leaks in regards to upcoming gadgets in the mobile industry. This is more so for high end gadgets such as the iPhone. Subsequently, the 4.7inch iPhone is supposedly going to spot a Sapphire Crystal Display. Sapphire is a highly durable and expensive material that is generally used in high end watches. Apple has taken the initiative to include this material in its iPhone.

Apparently, Sapphire is already being used in the iPhone 5S in the camera lens and the fingerprint scanner. The iSight camera’s clarity can be attributed to the Sapphire lens it has, and the responsiveness of the fingerprint scanner is due to the Sapphire included between the sensor and the contact point.

Obviously, there are reasons behind the inclusion of this material in the upcoming iPhone’s display. Currently, most premium phones use Corning’s Gorilla Glass for their displays. Gorilla Glass is quite strong and durable, but it cannot match the durability standards set by Sapphire. Some of the advantages of Sapphire Displays are:

  • Extremely hard in relation to its size, it much more scratch resistant than Corning’s Gorilla Glass, and this will go a long way in terms of screen protection. Only diamond is comparably harder.
  • Exceptionally clear, and this makes it much easier to achieve the crystal clarity which is one of the major necessities for a premium smartphone.
  • Quite thin, and Apple has somehow managed to maintain the thinness of their Sapphire displays within a .05mm of Gorilla Glass, yet Sapphire is slightly thicker than Gorilla Glass.

Nonetheless, there are pressing issues in relation to the feasibility of Apple making it a mainstream accessory in its products especially due to the cost concerns. Sapphire is quite expensive, and looking at the price of Apples products, it is painstaking to imagine how they will pull it off without increasing costs. Apple products are already quite expensive, and increasing the price may not be so much welcome.

So there you have it, Apple is once again at it, stirring the industry through the introduction of a new material for screen protection. As always, consumers and enthusiasts can only sit back, relax and wait for the official release of the iPhone for much more detailed look at the Sapphire Crystal Display.

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