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Samsung Takes Competition To Apple’s Turf By Expressing Interest In The Company That Transformed Siri


Samsung and Apple have had a bad relationship for the past few months with law suits worth billions of dollars. This relationship will get even worse after Samsung expressed interest in a company called Nuance, the company that helped transform Siri (voice assistant for iOS) to what it is today.

The company, Nuance, has been in existence for quite some time but got its major break in the Smartphone market in 2011when it was contracted by Apple to provide them with a better voice assistant application. Before then, Siri had been used by Apple but did not have the intuitive capabilities it currently has.

According to reliable sources, Nuance has been up for sale for quite some time now and has a valuation of over $5 billion. This value has of course gone up after Samsung expressed interest in the company.

Samsung is not just buying Nuance to spite Apple as this company makes Software used in a number of devices by the big electronics manufacturers. Some of these include Nintendo, Panasonic, Daimler (Mercedes) and even Samsung itself on the S Voice application and Smart TV. Nuance may be interested in mobile devices but has major stake in the health care system as its software is used to digitize digital records.

So in the end Samsung may be buying it to expand into the healthcare system afterall.

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