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Shoe Shining Goes Digital In Kenya

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You may have one time been in a situation where your shoes had little (or too much) dirt and you were desperate to find something to clean them. In such situations, you had to look for the nearest shoe shiner to help you dust off your shoes. Most of these shoe shiners are easily available in strategic places in all the major towns.

Now imagine this, you are in the same situation and all you have to do is head over to a ‘vending machine’ look alike and put in some coins and the machine does everything for you. This is exactly what Mr. Kinyua Gichui who is the proprietor of Mbali Mbali Communications hopes to help you achieve.

All you have to do to get this to work is to place a Sh. 10 coin and the machine does the rest. The brush is placed strategically at the lower part of the stand and will brush and roll systematically to give you the perfect shine.

This is still a new venture and is currently available in 10 locations in Nairobi with expansion plans underway.

According to Mr. Gichui, this venture has seen investments totalling Sh. 4 Million. He hopes to recover this amount and gain even more as it doubles up as a digital advertising platform on top of being a shoe-shining machine. He said, “We aim to introduce marketing and communication concepts that are unique. Concepts that leave a lasting impression on the target audience and guarantee a wow effect.”

Mr. Gichui also noted that the ride was not all smooth as they had some hitches when they started. Challenges such as how to operate the machine, loading ads and the right operating conditions were just the few ones they experienced.

These challenges are now in the past as they now have the relevant software and they relay the ads through the internet. This has helped the company reduce its operational costs and is currently looking at a bright future.

Via [Daily Nation]

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