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You Can Now Watch Startimes TV On Your Smartphone Thanks To Vooka


Since the journey to digital TV distribution started, we’ve seen a lot of changes in this sector. Some of these changes were welcomed while others may have not been necessary. Out of all the changes this new one unleashed by Rapid Communications may be the best one yet.

This new service is dubbed “Vooka online” will allow you to live stream Startimes TV channels in addition to content from bollywood and Usalama watch TV using your Smartphone. The service was launched in partnership with Startimes and other content providers to provide viewers with entertaining content on the go.

Mr Anwar Majid Hussein spoke during the launch and said that the demand for Smartphones has gone up in Kenya in the last couple of years and as such users keep demanding more and better content on these smart devices.

He continued to say, “In the wake of the current cognitively complex work environment coupled with competitive pressures and technological breakthroughs, the current smart phone user desires some leisure breaks. What better way to relax than to access entertainment from the gadget at hand – the mobile. With this in mind, Rapid Communications developed the mobile TV that streams live videos in order to fulfill the entertainment need as well as provide content.”

For you to be able to access this service, you will be required to have a Smartphone and a 3G connection.  To be able to access the Startimes channels, you will have to send an SMS to 22832 with the word ‘Startimes’ then select the channels you want. It will cost you Kshs. 5 per day to stream one channel and Kshs. 10 to stream all Startimes channels

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