HTC’s Beauty May Be Returning To Nexus


There is nothing that screams “pure android” as loud as the Nexus devices. These are a range of Smartphones and tablets developed by Google in partnership with a Smartphone (and/or tablet) manufacturers. Google takes over most of the design and marketing processes while involving the manufacturer in the development process. In addition to the development process, the manufacturer also concentrates on the manufacturing process. Google provides support and Android updates to these devices directly before any other Android devices.

Enter HTC, the company responsible for some of the best looking Smartphones currently in the market namely the HTC One and the HTC One M8. The company is rumoured to be working with Google on the next Nexus tablet that will be unveiled later this year. HTC worked on the first Nexus device with Google a few years ago which set the pace when it comes to Nexus devices and Android as a whole.

With beautiful devices (HTC One and HTC M8) under its belt, HTC is about to take the tablet world with this new rumoured Nexus 8. What will be interesting to see is the end result and how Google markets this device to the customers. Previous Nexus devices have seen positive results and this new one by HTC is expected to replicate this. Combining the success of Nexus devices and the all round goodness of HTC devices will surely drive sales over the roof.

The HTC One and the M8 are all beautiful phones but sales figures from the original HTC One were not that great even with the positive reviews it received. The bad penetration of the HTC One is attributed to poor marketing strategies and had nothing to do with the phone itself. This is probably what pushed HTC to hire Samsung’s former marketing guru, Paul Golden, who helped build the Galaxy brand to what it is today. His LinkedIn page is straight forward and actually says that he “created and launched the highly successful Galaxy brand.”  The company hopes to use his know-how to bring success to their Smartphones.

If HTC adds their beautiful design to the Nexus 8 tablet and combine this with their internal marketing strategies (led by Paul Golden) and those developed by Google, they might just have an open avenue to hack their way to the hardcore Android fans. This will be very helpful for HTC and all their future devices as customers will have tested one of their main devices (the HTC Nexus 8 tablet). The HTC Nexus 8 will act as the stepping-stone pushing HTC to the mainstream customers.

Before all this happens, let’s hope the rumours are true and that HTC works with Google on the next Nexus device. It will be good to finally see HTC’S design capabilities being appreciated in the Android world by the customers. I for one will be excited to see this Nexus tablet from HTC and see how it stacks up against the other Android tablets in the market.

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