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The Galaxy S5 Has The Best Smartphone Display Ever

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The innovations witnessed in our Smartphones have come a long way to what they are today. Take the example of Samsung; the company has been on the fore front of innovation unveiling premium devices with top of the line specs and features year over year to ensure its customers are satisfied.


This history is perhaps what led to the negative reception of the Galaxy S5 by some customers who claimed that the GS5 was not what they expected. To be honest, the Galaxy S5 was not a big improvement from the Galaxy S4 and did not have the wow factor to make it stand out.

One feature of the Galaxy S5 that is highly scrutinized is the screen. The galaxy s5 uses the same 1080 x 1920p Super AMOLED screen that is slightly bigger at 5.1 inches. This delivers a Pixel Per Inch (ppi) of 432 compared to 441 on the Galaxy S4. This might lead you to concluding that the Galaxy S5 is not as good or as sharp as the GS4.

If you thought this, you are far from the truth as the Galaxy S5 is considered to have the best performing display in the Smartphone market.

According to DisplayMate, the screen on the Galaxy S5 is the best in the market currently. Some of the important features that made the Galaxy S5 stand out for DisplayMate include:

Highest Brightness

Lowest Reflectance

Highest Color Accuracy

Highest Contrast Rating in Ambient Light

smallest Brightness Variation with Viewing Angle

The Galaxy S5 will hit the stores as from April 11 but you can pre-order yours and get it delivered as from April 11.

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