Microsoft Wants Android Apps on Windows

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Have you ever heard of BlueStacks? If you have never heard of it do not worry as Microsoft too is unaware of the existence of such a thing ( or so I think). BlueStacks is an emulation software that allows you to run android applications on your windows tablet or PC. Microsoft is probably unaware of the existence of  BlueStacks because the company weighing in on the possibility of running Android apps on Windows and Windows phone (exactly what BlueStacks does).

Microsoft is said to be in the early stages of developing an emulation feature that will probably be more like BlueStacks. This is not a done deal yet because there are Microsoft executives who still think this is a bad move for the company as it may result to the death of Windows platform as we know it.

By the look of things, all Microsoft wants is to leverage this new feature to fill the existing gap in their own app library. If they happen to finalize it, Microsoft is expected to control the distribution of apps that can be imported to avoid any chaos on its platform.

Even though there are benefits of adding Android to Windows, there are also huge risks that the platform might face. Microsoft needs to consider both the risks and benefits before moving forward to avoid any negative effects on the Windows platform. They also ought to control this feature tightly to ensure it is not manipulated and does exactly what they intend it to.

Is bringing Android to Windows a good idea? Share your thoughts with us below.

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