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Nokia’s Android Smartphone Gets An Unofficial Confirmation

The Nokia Android Smartphone (Nokia X) has been rumoured for quite some time now but as you would expect it, no information has come from Nokia quarters regarding the phone. With that lack of an official announcement it is hard to believe that Nokia can invest in an Android Smartphone given that it recently sold its mobile division to Microsoft – the sole owners of Windows phone platform.

Even though this is the case, sources from Nokia who spoke to the Wall street journal confirm that the device is coming soon but will have a highly customized android version free of most Google services. This means that you will be getting an android powered Smartphone that does not look or feel like it.  It is not a big surprise to see Nokia remove the key Google developed features from the phone given the fact that its parent company owns a competing platform.

The Nokia X Smartphone is expected to debut on February 25 and will be replacing the Nokia Asha devices in emerging markets. According to the wall street journal, windows phone platform minimum requirement prevent the OS from running on most low end Smartphones forcing Nokia to improvise. This is perhaps the main reason why the company opted to have their low end Smartphones run on Android OS.

It is still unclear if Nokia will use Android on some high-end devices but probably they are using the Nokia X to see how the market responds. If the response is good, they will probably introduce other devices, if it’s bad, they will rethink the whole strategy.

Would you consider buying this device? Why? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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