Open Letter To Flappy Bird Creator

open letter flappy bird

Ever since Flappy bird went viral, the creator of the game Dong Nguyen has had a difficult time handling all the publicity, questions and allegations. The game was considered a success by many including the creator himself with daily ad revenues of $ 50,000 generated. Most people were therefore surprised when the creator announced that he was taking down the game because it had ruined his simple life. while some took to social media to complain about this, one fan wrote the creator of the game an open letter encouraging him not to loose hope:

Dear Dong Nguyen,

 When I look at Flappy Bird and your fame today, I’m reminded of Dave Chappelle. Back in 2006, he was hailed as one of the greatest comics of America and his TV show was a huge success. But the TV show was too successful for him. According to him, the “popularity of the show was making it difficult for him to continue his stand-up career which was the most important thing to him.”

Then, he promptly quit the TV show and flew to Africa for a year. He wanted time to find himself away from the spotlight. In 2006, Chappelle came onto Inside the Actor’s Studio, where he stated:

 You can’t get unfamous, You can get infamous, But you can’t get unfamous.

Chappelle struggled with his public identity, hiding from the spotlight when the light shined brightest, it was this that brought him to his realization about fame and Hollywood.

Now what does all this have to do with Flappy Bird? There are obvious parallels. You created all your games out of a love for the art. That’s pretty obvious from your tweets and now, you’re sounding a lot like Chappelle:

And now that you’re officially taking down Flappy Bird today. There are so many profound parallels between you and Dave Chappelle.

So, yes, get out of the spotlight. It’s going to give you the peace of mind you need to refocus on the art and find yourself again. But remember that fame will follow you wherever you go, so hold your head high and be yourself. When Chappelle finally came back on stage for the first time, after traveling to Africa and getting down with who he was, he knew what it was all for:

 When I walked out on that stage, and them people were screaming,

I get teary-eyed just thinking about it. Cause this industry can say whatever they want, but man, people will hold you up, and that crowd man, my spirits were so low. And they was just holding me up.

So although the press will hound you, and everyone will speculate about your disappearance from the world stage, just keep going. The gamers will happily await your next game. So be happy, and keep coding.


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