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Facebook invite: “Come See Our New Home on Android”


With almost a week to 4th April 2013, Facebook seems to be organizing an Android related event on the said date. When I first saw this invite at first, I had to cross check my calendar once more, I had to be extra cautious with such promises, but it seems like it can’t be hoax. The event dubbed “Come See Our New Home on Android” will be going down on Thursday, starting at 10:00am Pacific Time (9:00Pm East Africa Time).

The event has left the digital media world in a lot of speculation. With very little details given about the event, we can only speculate. With Facebook’s recent efforts, they have left no doubt that they are placing mobile amongst its major priority. It was just the other day that Facebook revamped their timeline, optimized their news feeds for mobile, introduced a “reply to comment system” and were rumored to introduce hash tags.

Possibilities of their Android app rejuvenation or a Facebook optimized hardware device that will be based on the android platform cannot be ignored. This is especially after a major FCC approval of what has come to be known as the HTC Myst or the ‘Facebook phone’.

Another possibility may be a customized version of Android that might help Facebook become more of a central service on smartphones than it can with simply an app that sits on top of Android. Facebook already offers communications-related services that are natural to mobile devices, such as Messenger, which allows for free Internet voice calls, at least on the iPhone.

All that is known for now is that the event will be something to do with Facebook and Android. We will have to keep our eyes on the clock and 1 Hacker Way, Menlo Park in California where the event will take place.

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