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IPhone 5 gets a keyboard courtesy of NUU:NUU MiniKey

Iphone5’s build and design is synonymous to a plain one buttoned body.  However, there are people who feel that the well-established high-end device needs to have a keyboard. NUU is offering a solution for this @ $59 (approximately Kshs. 5,000), the 42-key slide-out keyboard with backlight NUU MiniKey. The keyboard will require you to simply snap your iPhone in the case, slide the keyboard out and type away, that simple. The NUU MiniKey is a great alternative to using the on-screen keyboard and is an improvement for the NUU MiniKey for IPhone 4.

The keyboard has a build in rechargeable Li-Po battery (380mAh) that requires Micro-USB charging in 3-4 hours, weighs 84.5g and measuring 124mm x 61mm x 17mm. It has Broadcom Chipset (Bluetooth V2.0 Compliance) to connect with IPhone.

This is especially useful for people who find it difficult to use the on-screen keyboard which increases typos or embarrassing auto-correct mistakes when using the iPhone. It is also set to increase the typing speed especially when texting, e-mailing or blogging.

What’s on offer?

Human Ergonomic Inspired Button

To ensure comfortability when using the keyboard the keys are designed with tilted face to match the ergonomics of typing using both thumbs.  This ensures that one is able to type more comfortably.

Larger Screen Area

The slide down keyboard ensure that it eliminates the need for the on-screen keyboard, the NUU MiniKey allows the screen’s viewable area to be doubled while typing with the landscape orientation.

Brilliant Backlight

NUU couldn’t forget to suit the keyboard with a backlight making typing in poorly lit areas something enjoyable and practical. The backlight may be toggled on or off to suit your own preference.

Keyboard Shortcuts

The keyboard is also well armed with quick and easy edit text on your iPhone 5 with shortcuts such as Command + C to copy, Command + V to paste, and Command + Z to undo. Please note the Command + Z to undo.

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